Is Moguling the Next "Big Thing” on the Internet?

A new Internet Opportunity which is being dubbed ‘Moguling’ just might be the very thing that forces Google to reevaluate its business model. According to some sources, Google is running out of online real estate and the latest billion dollar law suit brought by Viacom isn’t helping anything. Opportunity… meet:

Phoenix, AZ, March 16, 2007 --( In less than thirty days, a new Internet Blog ( was started by Robin Smith and has rocketed to the upper reaches of Google. It leverages the interest in Oprah’s Leadership Academy for Girls with a new process called: “Moguling”. Moguling is a term trademarked by Phoenix, Arizona technology company- DotVentures that revolves around using blogging and proprietary Internet marketing techniques to spike the value of an Internet domain name. While Mr. Smith is an Oprah fan, by utilizing Moguling, he is also quickly developing valuable Internet real estate that could one day be worth a fortune. “I started Moguling about a year ago and this is my second site that has taken off like this. I love helping Oprah’s Leadership Academy for Girls and to actually have something that might be worth money one day very exciting to me,” he says.

Blogging is often referred to as the “next wave” of the Internet and could very well produce the latest batch of Web Millionaires. According to DotVentures’ SEO Director- Bill Scott; “Blogs tend to get ranked very quickly by Google and to then rise in the Results dramatically. Moguling centers on creating a Web site (such as: and running a blog from it. We then promote the blog in various ways, utilizing proprietary technology, while maintaining a consistent input of relevant content. While was not set up to make the publisher money, it proves that Moguling works and works very, very well. Because Google seems to prefer blogs, the domain is quickly and favorably ranked. In a relatively short time the domain name spikes in value. This can then be sold to an investor.”

Up until now, the process of developing online real estate meant building a Web site around that domain and then working hard to achieve ranking. As most who have tried this know, it involves a whole process of multi-tiered research, site development, programming, search engine optimization and constant maintenance in the hope that Google will notice you. Bill Scott continues; “But what about throwing up a blog first and utilizing that to gain traction? After the domain, hosting the blog, gets favorable positioning then build the site around that; keeping the blog as an aspect of the new site. Or a speculator can just inflate the value of the domain by Moguling and then sell the domain name.”

Mr. Smith says; “The Moguling techniques from DotVentures have been a huge aid. I just checked and I’m near the top of the search engines for some very competitive keywords and did it in less than a month. That’s out of over a millions indexed pages, so that’s pretty cool.” Bill Scott adds; “Moguling will work for anything; any product, any service. This is a revolutionary way to develop online real estate and it is my opinion that some big money is going to be made.”

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They help individuals successfully to successfully develop online real estate for resale. Interested in learning more about Moguling? Go here: or call DotVentures at: 888-291-2976.

Kiloh Smith