PublishAmerica Presents Harvest of Hate: Stories and Essays “Fuel for the Soul” by Roland Bankole Marke

Frederick, MD, March 17, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present Harvest of Hate: Stories and Essays “Fuel for the Soul” by Jacksonville, Florida author Roland Bankole Marke. Harvest of Hate is a microcosm of the biting realities of our time: Its daring anecdotes employ a bare- knuckled mindset; depicting the malaise of greed, conflicts, blood diamonds, and child soldiers in Africa. Innocent girls or women are victims of an enduring sex slavery. Global effects of terrorism on humanity, and 'Katrina's Woes' in the Unites States, are rations of his multi-faceted recipe. Our world's nightmare would diminish, harnessing love, compassion with selflessness. The universe has descended into a neighborhood of concern. Resonating Martin Luther King's diction: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where."

Roland Bankole Marke is a Sierra Leonean homegrown breed, author and songwriter, living in Florida. Smoldering pain, deserving personal peace inspired his writing. Minuteman Press published his maiden book "Teardrops Keep Falling," in 2003. His second "Silver Rain and Blizzard" - published by Publish America in 2005. His poems, articles and stories have appeared in several publications both online and print magazines. He has written many songs and recorded three CDs; The Gift of Life, Jesus Dwells in My Soul, and Love and Happy New Year.

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