Appliance Repair Service in Rockland County, New York Partners with SEO Firm to Support Locals' Needs

The appliance repair company of Rockland County, Appliance Medic, has teamed up with the online advertising company, Prospect Genius, to make their services easily accessible online.

Monsey, NY, June 08, 2011 --( Appliance Medic, Inc., an appliance repair specialist in Rockland County, New York, is announcing their new collaboration with Prospect Genius, a leading provider of online local marketing. This new partnership hopes to make Appliance Medic more available online to local homeowners searching for appliance repair services.

Utilizing an online advertising technique called SEO (search engine optimization), Prospect Genius is able to help boost a local company's Internet presence and accessibility. This process works by helping a client's Web site move up the search engine results page rankings. As substantial research indicates that the higher a site ranks on a results page, the more site traffic they receive, achieving the best possible rankings can help connect an area business with the customers who are searching for them online.

For example, now homeowners in New City, Monsey, and other Rockland-County towns can find Appliance Medic when they use a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing to look for dryer repair, dishwasher repair, etc. on the Web. When they type in keywords like "appliance repair service in Rockland County" or "Monsey refrigerator repair," Appliance Medic will now appear higher in the results.

As Appliance Medic Owner Zalmen Pollak says, "We needed our appliance repair company to be more visible to the locals who need our services so we hired Prospect Genius."

Through SEO, Prospect Genius is able to enhance Appliance Medic's exposure online and make certain they're able to optimize their placement in the search results. Matt Gallo, a senior Web marketing professional at Prospect Genius, states, "We're excited to be helping out both the experts at Appliance Medic and the people who live throughout Rockland County. When homeowners need appliance repair services, finding professional help from Appliance Medic will be fast and easy. At the same time, our SEO campaign will help this local appliance repair company succeed. For us, it's a win-win."

Working together, Prospect Genius and Appliance Medic have the opportunity to better serve Rockland County residents as well as expand and enhance Appliance Medic's customer base. With search engine optimization, these appliance repair technicians can hope to see improved online exposure and an increase in the volume of potential customers who connect with their company via the Web.

Appliance Medic, Inc. performs refrigerator repair, dryer repair, and other appliance repair services for homeowners in and around Rockland County, New York.

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