Nevada Company Diversifies by Creating "Green" Geothermal Jobs

HydroTech is “bucking the trend” by providing jobs in Nevada’s alternative energy sector.

Fernley, NV, June 08, 2011 --( HydroTech Inc., a Nevada small business located east of Reno in Fernley, Nevada, is now providing well logging services in the northern Nevada geothermal region for Sandia Labs, owned by the Department of Energy, and for Ormat Technologies.

A current project for HydroTech is to deploy a prototype, high-temperature seismic tool developed by Sandia Labs at northern Nevada geothermal sites to assist in developing more productive geothermal wells. This process helps to make “green” geothermal energy more efficient. HydroTech is the first and only Nevada-based company with well logging equipment and staff. HydroTech is currently participating in the Small Business Administration’s business development program.

HydroTech’s equipment is specifically designed to handle the high temperatures associated with exploration of geothermal energy sources. Well logging is a process that allows a detailed survey record to be created of well conditions to aid in increasing geothermal well productivity, which in turn creates more “green” and cost-effective electricity.

The availability of well logging equipment for use in Nevada and surrounding regions supports retention and creation of jobs in Lyon County, which currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the Nation.

Nevada is also currently the nation’s leader in loss of construction jobs. A HydroTech spokesperson states, “The ability of small businesses to expand their operations through diversification and innovation is the key to retaining and creating new jobs. HydroTech has shown its resiliency by identifying and pursuing new avenues that will allow our small company to survive and excel in these difficult economic times.” HydroTech has been recognized in their specialty construction industry as providing the highest level of quality, safety and timeliness, and intends to bring the same level of excellence to their well logging services.


About HydroTech, Inc.: HydroTech, Inc. is an award winning General Engineering Construction contractor and minority small business established in 1987. We specialize in underground pipeline renovation and construction, geothermal energy, heavy civil engineering, and vertical construction and renovation. HydroTech, Inc. has been rated as an “outstanding company” with excellent service and dedication as a company that “will do what it takes to get the job done with the highest of quality, safety and timeliness.”
HydroTech Inc.
Kevin Brazell