JAJAH Introduces a Global Call Center Solution

Logitech Chooses JAJAH to Lower Call Center Costs.

Mountain View, CA, March 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- JAJAH, the company known for bringing the world free and low cost phone calls, announced today that businesses are taking advantage of its innovative technology to lower call center costs.

"This is an important development for JAJAH," said co-founder Roman Scharf. "While consumers have quickly adopted JAJAH to lower their personal phone bills, this is the first time a global company like Logitech has adopted our technology to support this mission critical business need."

The JAJAH solution allows companies to easily integrate one-click call center services on their website and realize dramatic savings in telephone support costs, while also improving the customer experience.

Logitech has chosen the JAJAH solution to provide customer call support for select Harmony(R) universal remote users. In many countries, consumers do not have access to free 800-call support options. As such, this provides Logitech customers free customer care access otherwise unavailable, while Logitech realizes significant cost savings over traditional solutions. The call center implementation is simple to use and accessible through the Logitech product support area on its website.

JAJAH web-initiated call center buttons are customizable by the company and directly connect the customer for free to product support representatives. Unlike other web based calling solutions, customers do not need any software or special equipment. He simply enters the phone number of where he can be reached on the product or customer support page, and clicks a button. Their phone rings and when they pick up, a customer service agent is waiting on the line ready to help.

"As retail moves to the web, so does the entire customer relationship," said Scharf. "By using JAJAH's technology for call centers, companies can better manage that relationship online, offer free customer call support and satisfy customers with a unique user experience. And in the process, everyone saves time and money."

Since the beta rollout in November, thousands of customers have received fast and seamless Harmony remote support. Due to the success of this initial call-support program, Logitech plans to further extend this solution to additional global users.

Companies that are interested in using JAJAH's technology for Internet call center support and embedded telephony solutions, can learn more by visiting www.jajah.com/info/Business/ or emailing callcenter[at]jajah.com.

More than 1.2 million people around the globe have already registered with JAJAH, a service that provides consumers with a Web-activated calling solution without the restraints of hardware, software or downloads. This latest advance from JAJAH is consistent with the company's ongoing mission to break down the barriers that prevent consumers from getting the best rates while offering valuable communication tools for businesses.


JAJAH, the world's most innovative global communications company, is dedicated to bringing users vastly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price. JAJAH enables consumers to make free and low cost telephone calls, locally or globally, dialing from either their computers or mobile phones. By combining the best of the Internet with the best of the existing telephony infrastructure, JAJAH removes the barriers to communication and makes it easier for people everywhere to stay in touch. Unconstrained by technology, infrastructure, or geography, JAJAH is positioned to be the first true player in the new world of global communication. Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes, driven by their vision of global communication without barriers in terms of devices, rates, location or functionality, founded JAJAH in 2005. JAJAH has offices in Mountain View, California and Luxembourg.

Markus Rumler