New Label in Jersey

Accepting artists.

Vernon, NJ, March 17, 2007 --( Viking Records is proud to announce its ground-roots operation is now fully operational and accepting artists of all genres. The company's owner and chairman indicates "This is the first label of its kind in this day and age, with close artist development, relations, empowerment, and support. There has not been a label that offers the close attention to artists that Viking Records does since the early 90's."

Run by music lovers who believe in artists opening doors for themselves through their musical talent, not selling tickets. The goal of the company is to expose musicians who are truly gifted at performing their craft, not who has the most friends in school that year. The reasoning here is that many clubs have tied tickets to an artist performing lessening the financial rick of the venue. The inherent problem with this, according to Viking Records spokesman Michael Wonder, is that "You wind up with bands opening a show they have no business being on, leaving the crowd disappointed and agitated that they had to endure a less-than-par band in order to hear the headliner. We are trying to bring back the opportunites for bands to prove themselves through our events, providing them a direct path to larger opportunities based on their playing-thanks to venues who are willing to work with us to accomplish this goal."

Viking Records boasts two state of the art recording studios for their artists, 20 tri-state retailers (NY,NJ,&PA), CD manufacturing, art design, major label solicitation, and more. Artists interested in submitting their material may do so by visiting and following the demo submission guidelines. The company intends to sign up to six artists this year.

Viking Records

Viking Records
Michael Wonder