Annual Spring Concert Featuring an Acclaimed Performance of "The Children's Legacy" Written and Directed by Lola Louis

After the 1997 performances to sold out audiences, "The Children's Legacy" will be launched at The Corner Academy P.S. 189, 3441 Steenwick Ave, Bronx, NY on Sunday June 26, 2011.

Bronx, NY, June 14, 2011 --( “The Childrens’ Legacy” by Lola Louis is a dynamic, dramatic production with music and dance performed by the Conscious Ones Acting Company. It is presented in the narrative style, with a series of vignettes tracing the plight of a group of African youngsters from the age of African Kingdoms, through pre-slavery and emancipation.

The production addresses the social conditions of today’s African-American urban youth from a historical perspective, as it highlights the attitudes and relationships of these youth toward society, each other, education, drugs, sex, violence, authority and the future.

Emphasis is placed on positive role models in demonstrating the ability of all people to rise above the restrictions of circumstances to achieve greatness. The play is produced in three acts and runs for the duration of two and a half hours.

Lola Louis Creative and Performing Arts Studio is offering invitations to organizations, churches, and families. Special discount tickets are now available for groups of ten and over, and should be purchased in advance.

After receiving standing ovations at the Lamb’s Theatre - off Broadway, The United Nations, The Apollo Theatre, New York City Public Schools, and regional theaters, CAPAS encourages you to come out, support, stand up and shout, “Bravo!” for this magnificent performance that educates, stimulates and entertains as it gives you insight into the past, present and future.

"If you saw, and were moved by the movie San Kofa, then you must see this play." - Lola

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Lola Louis