Dexter Industries Releases New Book for Using GPS and the Mindstorms NXT

Beginning GPS with NXT Robots by James Floyd Kelly and John Cole

Stafford, VA, June 12, 2011 --( A full introduction to the basics of GPS and with hands-on activities and tutorials on how to use all of the features of the GPS Sensor with NXT Robots.

Satellite GPS systems become more and more integrated in the way we live. As our world becomes increasingly dependent on the Global Positioning System, it was obvious to us that the next generation of scientists and engineers will need to know how to use it and what its limitations are.

This workbook was written to bring to life this system that we often take for granted, and help students understand it, explore it, and find ways to use that no one has thought of before.

This workbook is meant to make this sensor accessible to students and teachers. The workbook provides step-by-step projects and instructions that will get any novice building GPS-guided robots in a few hours.

+ Introduction to the GPS, coordinates systems, and navigation.
+ Introduction and background on how robots use the GPS to navigate.
+ Five hands-on projects with programs in NXT-G.
+ Reading GPS coordinates from the sensor.
+ Using GPS coordinates to program robots to navigate from Point A to Point B.
+ Geocaching with the dGPS.
+ Reading the time with a GPS sensor with an introduction to Universal Time.
+ Measuring Speed with the GPS Sensor.
+ Datalogging coordinates and paths and displaying on Google Maps.
+ A final challenge and project that combines all of the subjects and challenges students to problem-solve with the GPS sensor.

Dexter Industries is a maker of sensors for the Mindstorms NXT system. The company produces a wide range of sensors for education and hobbyists. Their offerings include solar power systems for Mindstorms NXT, a GPS guidance system, and pressure temperature sensors for the Mindstorms NXT system.

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