Uneak Press, Inc's Thriller Writer J.A. Carlton to Woo Fantasy Fans with New Brotherly Young Adult Action Fare "Nick, of Time"

Austin publisher, Uneak Press, Inc. is hoping to woo fans of fantasy action/adventure stories with a new release by thriller writer J.A. Carlton. Carlton’s “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1,” set to hit stores in early August, is the author’s first young adult oriented series.

Austin, TX, June 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- With plans to see “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1” on shelves by August, Uneak Press, Inc.’s planned release is “Hugely exciting!” says Elaine Zuliani co-founder and spokesperson for Uneak. “This is Jill’s first foray into Young Adult fiction. She’s an avid fan of both a particularly heroic Boy Wizard, as well as a couple road tripping evil hunting brothers. but ‘Heroes’ is, excuse the pun, ‘uneakly’ J.A. Carlton.”

Carlton, in sticking with her screenwriter-sketchbook style, uses the first book, to quickly immerse the reader into the world of ten year old Nick, and five year old Frankie Emerson. Days before a destiny forged millennia ago creeps stealthily from the shadows, the brothers stand shoulder to shoulder against the familiar trials of childhood, from schoolyard bullies to their mom’s new boyfriend.

Though it may seem a "light" read at first, Carlton, deep into the third book, promises that the adventures will intensify as the boys learn more about their destinies and their powers.

Considered among peers as the author who’s not afraid to “go there,” Carlton’s new series does indeed touch on serious and sensitive topics while sending a strong message of empowerment to her audience.

When asked how she’ll feel about the inevitable comparisons between Nick and Frank, to Krip's road tripping brothers, Miss Carlton said, “I’ll say ‘I’m honored,’ bringing Nick and Frank to the forefront of the story was inspired by Krip.” Fans of the show will enjoy finding the occasional homage to it throughout the Heroes of the Line series.

“Nick and Frankie are very believable little boys who made me want to scoop them up, feed them grilled cheese sandwiches, and throw my puny fists into the faces of anyone who tried to hurt them.” – Lisa Fary – PinkRayGun.com

“It's a story of brothers, of love, of courage...You can't help but fall in love with Nick and Frankie!” – S.T. Gratsinger (Amazon.com review)

The second edition of “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1,” will be available in bookstores, and in e-book format in August 2011. For an advance .pdf please email; admin@uneakpress.com.

Uneak Press, Inc.
Elaine Zuliani