Half a Million Prayers Lifted Up Assisted by the Convergence of Intercessory Prayer and Technology with iPrayerworks

Houston, TX, June 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The online prayer request system that was created to help one church take prayer online has reached a considerable milestone.

It started at the request of Chapelwood United Methodist Church’s prayer room coordinator Nancy Sterling. After months of unsuccessfully searching for a way to computerize the church’s vast list of prayer requests, Nancy turned to friend and colleague Toby Dagenhart for help.

During an hour-long lunch meeting in February of 2006 Toby listened as Nancy described the online prayer request management system she was hoping to get. The need was simple. Build a system where prayer requests could be entered on the web and deposited into a database that could be accessed from anywhere by the more than 100 Intercessors on the church’s prayer team.

After several months of programming and several more months of exhaustive testing, the system was ready to be released to the Intercessors. But Chapelwood was not to be the only beneficiary of this new technology. As the system was developed, it was written in a way that would make it deployable to any church that desired a way to take their prayer ministry online. In November of 2006 iPrayerworks was born.

Since its inception the iPrayerworks system has been adopted by more than 20 churches and other non-profit organizations. In total the iPrayerworks database has received more than 40,000 prayer requests. All combined those requests have received more than a half-million prayers. Faithful prayer warriors using technology to focus prayers on the specific needs of the members of their church, their friends, families, as well as prayer requests received from across the globe.

"Clearly we understand that this technology is only a tool. The real power of prayer comes from God's people lifting up their voices to Him. Our desire is to help the church organize the structure of its prayer ministry so they can spend less time administrating and more time praying," said Dagenhart

As each new church joins the iPrayerworks team new ideas are brought to the table. "Most of the new ideas are incorporated into the online prayer request system and made available to every church that subscribes to the software. It really has become a 'best practices' of an online prayer request ministry."

The system has also incorporated pastoral care needs. "Its robust hospital and homebound visitation feature not only keeps tabs on those members that are hospitalized and homebound, it also uniquely tracks all visits to those members so that no one falls through the cracks.

"Embracing technology for pastoral care ministry has never been easier." If you would like more information about iPrayerworks please contact Toby Dagenhart at toby@iprms.net or go to www.iprayerworks.com.

Toby Dagenhart