Ecreativeworks Co-Sponsors St. Anthony Village High School Supermileage Challenge Team

The St. Anthony Village Supermileage Team designed and built a unique vehicle for competition in the 2011 Supermileage Challenge. With Ecreativeworks’ sponsorship, the team achieved a sixth-place finish with an average MPG of over 240.

Plymouth, MN, June 15, 2011 --( Ecreativeworks is a proud sponsor of St. Anthony Village High School’s Supermileage Challenge Team. The 23rd Annual Supermileage Challenge was held May 16 & 17, 2011, at Brainerd International Raceway, in Brainerd, Minnesota. The St. Anthony Village team, from Minnesota’s St. Anthony-New Brighton School District, placed sixth out of 43 vehicles in their class.

The Minnesota Technological and Engineering Educators Association holds the Supermileage Challenge every year as a contest for industrial technology/technology education students. Students design, fabricate, and test their single-passenger supermileage cars themselves, gaining practical experience in multiple aspects of vehicular engineering. Teams of students from schools throughout Minnesota, as well as two teams from Wisconsin, competed in this year’s Challenge.

The Ecreativeworks-sponsored Number 66 car was St. Anthony Village’s entry for their second year of competition in the Supermileage Challenge. With this year’s entry, St. Anthony Village marked a vast improvement over their previous year’s vehicle. One team member stated, “Our goal for the year was to average 200 miles per gallon, and we were able to achieve [a] 242 mpg [average]." Last year’s entry averaged 161 miles per gallon.

Ecreativeworks’ sponsorship, and that of two other contributors, helped make St. Anthony Village High School’s Supermileage tech class and competition team possible. Sponsorship donations helped the class procure metals, materials, and supplies used to fabricate and complete the supermileage vehicle. The team’s vehicle achieved a highest single-lap rating of 263.24 mpg.

For Ecreativeworks, sponsorship of the St. Anthony Village Supermileage Challenge team was done with an eye on the future. Students such as those in the Industrial Tech Class at St. Anthony Village High School are part of Ecreativeworks’ target audience—one day they could be the engineers, production managers, or technicians of one of Ecreativeworks’ industrial clients.

St. Anthony Village’s students raved about the class and the competition. “Amazing” and “the greatest experience I could ask for” are just two of many superlatives the team used to describe their involvement in the Supermileage Challenge. With many members of the team returning to school at St. Anthony Village High next year, they plan to compete again, and hope for even greater results, at the 2012 Challenge.

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Lee Rostad