Gideros Mobile Releases Complete Mobile Development Environment

Gideros Mobile, a technology start-up founded in 2010, releases its first multi-platform mobile development environment with its own IDE and SDK. Company’s flagship product Gideros Studio provides an intuitive and complete platform to build games on iPhone, iPad and Android easily, with a Flash-like programing interface.

Istanbul, Turkey, June 16, 2011 --( Gideros mobile development framework Gideros Studio is used to create, test and deploy graphically rich games and applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. With a simple interface for Flash developers with advanced technologies like 2D programming, game physics and accelerometer, Gideros Studio supports a variety of development platforms and mobile devices.

Developers can immediately download Gideros Studio for free and start developing games and visually rich applications using Lua, an easy to use and flexible scripting language. In the future, Gideros Mobile will also provide support services for developing and publishing to Apple App Store and Android Market, providing a one point of contact for all mobile development needs.

“We believe that mobile application development related tools and utilities are at its infancy state,” says Gideros Mobile co-founder Deniz Asli Soykurum Cetin. “We have been looking for ways to make a developer’s life easier in order to provide a platform-independent IDE so they can write once and port to many devices. Starting with iPhone and iPad, and then with Android and Windows Phone devices, our complete platform will address a broad set of mobile devices with OpenGL support. This is by far our first priority.”

It’s important to remember that Gideros Studio is not a set of APIs to develop mobile applications, but a full suite of a development environment with a complete IDE to code, run and test mobile applications and games. Advanced capabilities of the platform including code completion, code folding, syntax highlighting, font packer and simulator are also bundled and comes free with the IDE, greatly maximizing programmer’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Developers can immediately download Gideros Studio and start developing games and visually rich applications from Gideros Mobile web site. Gideros Mobile can be obtained for iPhone and iPad under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and (soon) Linux. Android support is also underway. There are also plans to provide a broader support and more features for individual developers and enterprises, starting from July, 2011.

Download unlimited version Gideros Studio 2011.6.1 for free from

About Gideros Mobile
With a vision to provide a integrated mobile development environment for all platforms, Gideros Mobile is committed to build great products to help mobile developers release their next big application on various platforms with ease. Gideros Mobile develops its flagship product Gideros Studio, an easy, fast and cost-effective IDE to develop on mobile devices.

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