Global Academy Online to Fund College Acquisitions and Expansion

Washington, DC, June 17, 2011 --( Dr. Fred DiUlus, CEO and founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., announced today the company has formed a new institutional funding division known as University Builder, LLC. According to Dr. DiUlus the division is designed to underwrite and manage colleges and universities for the purpose of expanding their traditional and online programs exponentially. Built in, he says are aggressive marketing add-ons to attract top scholars while sustaining high academic standards in order to recruit outstanding faculty for each institution under their wing.

University Builder LLC sprung from the success of Global Academy Online in bringing together a Sino-American education development pact in late 2009 and early 2010. The agreements brokered by the Academy resulted in the cooperation between North American and Asian partners in funding up to $120 million in university growth in the USA and China over the next three years.

The mission of the Academy’s new division according to Dr. DiUlus is to underwrite schools with the potential for growing enrollments through international expansion with hybrid and totally online side-by-side schools. He says that the new division provides the expertise to accomplishing this without sacrificing academic rigor or compromising quality and faculty-student relationships. To assure these tasks are accomplished, each university funded must be non profit.

“Colleges and Universities” says DiUlus, “ought not to be in the business of education to solely make a profit but rather they should sink their positive revenue completely into making a better academic environment that is both less costly and not to just please shareholders.” He goes on to say that for-profit schools have done an “incredible job” in bringing education from all levels up to places never before thought possible. “It is time however,” he says, “for non-profit universities, old and new, to break the mold of endowment and legislative dependency and step up to the plate and earn their right to exist. They have been shown the way.” In the meantime, he says, University Builder will fill the void wherever and whenever possible with next generation academic institutions.

Global Academy Online, Inc. is the world’s premier provider of private label college programs, curriculum, and doctoral faculty instruction for colleges and universities on five continents. Dr. Fred DiUlus is the author of Best Worst Online Degree Programs, the annual rating service offered free to the public. His next book, Way of the Entrepreneur, is due for release by PublishAmerica in the Fall 2011.

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