World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation Considering Strategic Corporate Alliances

Los Angeles, CA, June 21, 2011 --( World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (World Wide) today announced formation of an internal committee to explore acquisition/merger possibilities with other well-run businesses actively operating in the North American film industry.

“Due to looming shifts in the long-standing working dynamic between studios, theater chains and television networks, it makes sense for a company such as ours, which has continued to operate successfully since 1977, to explore the possibility of pooling resources and combining strengths to better capitalize on these future shifts,” President/CEO Paul D. Hancock explains.

World Wide’s recent release of the award-winning Danish feature, APPLAUSE (starring Paprika Steen), continues to receive rave reviews from a wide variety of highly respected national media. In particular, Ms. Steen continues to receive accolades for her performance, which was widely touted for a Best Actress Oscar nomination earlier this year. Currently playing in the Midwest, APPLAUSE will continue its national rollout at screens in Austin, TX, and San Francisco in the coming months.

"We know how to combine traditional advertising and cutting-edge, Internet viral marketing efforts to build awareness and buzz for a film, which is how we extract optimal effectiveness from every marketing dollar,” Hancock continues. “Fiscal responsibility is at the heart of our business model, and with films like APPLAUSE, we have proven our ability to mount full Oscar campaigns without compromising this core belief. We are extremely proud of the talent on our staff and the exceptional industry connections our executive team has developed over the last thirty-plus years,” Hancock further states.

“World Wide’s 25-year previous history as a fully reporting publicly-held company, along with its library of more than 300 motion pictures, documentaries, docudramas and television titles, attractively positions the company for a strategic alliance at this time,” observes the company’s VP of Finance, Sean Gunning.

Founded in 1977, World Wide is primarily engaged in the acquisition and distribution of awards-caliber international and domestic films for theatrical exhibition, television broadcast and syndication, and sale through all other ancillary channels, throughout the world. World Wide employs a culturally diverse and technologically savvy team of management and staff who work tirelessly to influence optimal revenue generation on each project. World Wide also serves as a consulting and advisory entity to the film and television industry.

World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation
Kelli M. Larson