Women Take Center Stage at the BAMedia Social Media Summit

For the third year in a row, BAMedia is hosting the All Women's Social Media Summit. This is the only Summit of it's kind to offer a panel exclusively of all women.

Raleigh, NC, June 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- A lawyer who works to help business clients understand the impact of social media will be among the panelists for this year’s All Women’s Social Media Summit. Five women will make up this year’s all-star panel for the third annual event, which is being hosted by BAMedia.

This year’s panelists will bring a unique perspective to the social media summit, according to BAMedia organizer Beverly Mahone. She says, “This is the first time we have a lawyer represented on the panel who will address the legalities surrounding the use of social media. We also have a blogger who calls herself Mrs.FatAss, while sharing her personal journeys in the world of weight loss."

The panel members will share their experiences on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and talk about the importance of turning your online experiences into offline networking events and business opportunities. "What is awesome about this event is, it's the only one of its kind to give a voice to a diverse group of women who have a pulse on the social media world," says Mahone.

Moderator for the social media summit will be Martin Brossman, who also served in the same capacity last year. He is a well-known social media guru, success coach, speaker, trainer, and author. Martin is known for generating profitable alliances by maximizing his clients’ face-to-face and online presence. His customized coaching/training solutions for individuals and groups integrate Social Media, Social Networking and Reputation Management strategies.

Panelists for the Summit are:

Donna Ray Chmura: A North Carolina growing business attorney with Sands Anderson’s Raleigh, NC office.

Kelly Duffort: The principal and founder of KD Web Strategies, a consulting firm that advises companies how to take their overall web presence (e.g., websites, blogs, social media profiles) to the next level.

Leah D. Gordon: Public Relations consultant and knowledge management specialist, who provides training in communication strategy, image development, building and managing online communities of practice.

Jen Lawrence Snipes: Marketing Coordinator by day for the Independent Weekly (Durham, NC) and entrepreneur by night. She has risen from avid writer to blog enthusiast, building and branding her own business since 2009.

Sue O’Lear a.k.a “MrsFatAss”: Wife, mom, nursing student, and writer. Her blog, Did I Just Eat That Out Loud? is a source of humor and motivation for anyone trying to live a healthier life.

As an added bonus, Mahone says there will also be a men’s social media panel to share what they like and dislike about the way women network.

This year's Summit is slated to be held at The McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC on October 22, 2011.

Beverly Mahone