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New Book Suggests Women Are Like Employers and Men Are Their Employees

Chicago, IL, March 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- “I wish I had a dollar for every women who has spent time with Mr. Wrong just to keep from being lonely. Then what happens next is even more disheartening- the women end up liking these men on accident. Some also find themselves married to their old remedy for loneliness and wondering years later if something so wrong could ever be right,” says Alethea Pascascio, author of Help Wanted: A Woman’s Guide To Strategically Position Men In Her Life.

In Help Wanted, Pascascio offers women the opportunity to take back their power by performing exercises that will help them decide what they want prior to meeting a man.

Because relationships can often feel like a fulltime job, women are asked to approach this process from a CEO’s perspective by deciding the requirements and highly desirables for a potential partner. And men are candidates looking to fill a position in the women’s ‘Relationships Department’.

“A personalized screening process is so important,” says Alethea Pascascio. “Help Wanted shows women how to create it and apply it to their specific situation, whether they are seeking a friend, a boyfriend or boyfriend with husband potential. It’s vital that women give the right men the right positions. How many times has someone inadvertently turned a friend into a boyfriend then wish they could go back to friends as usual? The truth is very few friends should be promoted to boyfriend status. Friends are friends for a reason.”

Research shows women have difficulty setting and maintaining boundaries in their relationships. This is a life skill that has often gone undeveloped since childhood. ‘Help Wanted’ also stresses the importance of this much needed ability.

Help Wanted reveals how to establish a fulfilling relationship by utilizing logic before emotion. But above all, it emphasizes that you must know what you want otherwise you will settle for what someone else wants you to have.

This book is for females from the age of 15 to 105.

Help Wanted can be ordered from Amazon.com.

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