Food Experience Design: PreGel Sponsored the Course Organized by POLI.Design

The company has been once again involved in a High Standard Training course, which was organized by the Consortium of Politecnico di Milano. Professional architects and designers presented six concepts to redefine the image of a well-known restaurant-pizzeria in New York, which was the focus project of the lessons.

Reggio Emilia, Italy, June 21, 2011 --( The partnership between PreGel and POLI.Design, the Consortium of Politecnico di Milano, goes on and strengthens itself. After participating as an Academic Sponsor of "Temporary Exhibition Space & Design," the Italian gelato company has chosen to lend its support to another POLI.Design educational project: the fourth edition of the course of high standard training in “Food Experience Design – Design for the innovation of pizza shops and spaces.”

Thirty-six professionals, among architects and designers, were selected to attend this course of post-graduate specialisation, which ended in April and developed through 120 hours of research and theoretical lessons in class and practical exercises; the lecturers have highlighted and focused the need to create a new image for pizza shops, in order to create specific concepts of very innovative pizza shops, in line with the latest international trend and design scenarios.

In the catering market, nowadays, design is playing an important and increasing role, not only as a medium to impress customers from an aesthetic point of view, but also as a functional element that aims to entertain and communicate emotions and a particular mood, to let people be comfortable and really enjoy the spaces and the atmosphere.

In other words: products, atmosphere, service and design of the environment combine to offer more than the plain satisfaction of a need, but a complete and intense sensory experience.

Divided into six teams, the designers developed their project works on the virtual refurbishment of a famous restaurant-pizzeria in New York, in terms of its overall image, interior design and commercial proposition.

Each group presented its own project, following the instructions and recommendation of the two Academic Sponsors: Agugiaro Figna & Mills (a leading company for the production of high quality flours for bread, pizza and pastry) and PreGel, an international leading company for the production of ice cream, gelato and food service products.

Every project was studied to combine and integrate the consumption of pizza and ice cream, within an innovative business proposal.

The work of the participants aimed to underline the quality of products and raw materials and to present a new Italian identity to the US customers, an innovative point of view, which was intended to be alternative as opposed to the traditional Italian image.

The final project work also included the design study of a coordinated image, from the shop merchandising to the food packaging, from the menu to the staff uniforms.

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