Artists and Galleries Plan Early to Be Discovered at the Young Art Fair in Basel

Switzerland hotels will fill up quickly as the Liste Young Art Fair in Basel draws nearer. Leading European hotel booking agency encourages young art hopefuls to book early to ensure a strategic spot for networking in the center of the action.

Basel, Switzerland, March 20, 2007 --( For those who consider artistic expression to be the spice of life, the Liste Young Art Fair in Basel in the benchmark event of the year.  Scheduled in mid June, nearly 3 months from now, Marcel Stillekens, co-owner of (, urges attendees to book Switzerland hotels early to ensure a stay close to the event activities.

“Last year there was a huge swell of activity to Switzerland hotel pages just before the Fair.  Many people underestimate the popularity of this event and find themselves in a last-minute race to secure a hotel room that is strategically located close to the center of the action where there are more opportunities to network with influential individuals,” Stillekens says.  

Since its beginning in 1996, the Liste Young Art Fair in Basel has quickly become the world’s most important event for the discovery of new artists.  The ‘Young’ in the event’s title refers to the fact that the Fair only introduces galleries that are less than 5 years in existence and artists under the age of 40.  

Though the deadline for galleries to register as exhibitors passed on January 9th, the fair is open to attendees seeking opportunities to meet new artists, gallery owners, curators, journalists, and critics of high influence in the modern art culture.  The opening reception starts at 5pm on June 11th, followed by a reception party at 10pm. The fair officially begins the next day on June 12th and will run through June 17th.  

“Getting discovered here is no accident.  In addition to raw talent, being discovered takes careful planning to stack the odds in your favor that you’ll be in the right place at the right time,” Stillekens says offers several ways for Fair goers to drill down through the more than 30 Babel hotels within 20km of the events center in Messe Babel.  In addition to the capability of sorting European hotels by proximity to the Messe Babel landmark, attendees can view maps of the hotel’s surrounding location and sort by popularity in order to find the best match for their specific needs.   

Stillekens suggests booking Switzerland hotels for the June event as early as March.  “Being close to the in the center of the activity is even more critical at an event like the Young Art Fair in Basel where people come to get discovered.  Networking opportunities with gallery owners, art critics, and other artists in hotel common areas can be the turning point in an artist’s career,” explains Stillekens.

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Edo Jansen