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IndustrialCOOP helps in powering facilities across the country and beyond while saving energy for the manufacturing community.

Naperville, IL, June 19, 2011 --( The B2B search engine, the manufacturing and engineering focused directory and portal filtered for engineers, scientific, medical and industry professionals introduced its new American Power Supply Directory at The online search engineering and publishing company made the announcement in a press release Friday morning intended for Illinois nationwide manufacturers in search of energy saving power supplies, equipment and solutions such as backup generators, silent (quiet) power supply, switch power supply, computing power supplies, AC to DC, testers, extension cords, capacitors, portable generators, storage battery systems, transformers, replays, rectifiers, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), batteries, low voltage & high voltage power supplies as well as parts, accessories and services for commercial, industrial, retail, office buildings, government, educational, military, institutional, laboratory and other markets and industries.

IndustrialCOOP spokesman Dominic Wood said the company's interactive Power Supply Marketplace was created to help companies buy and sell all kinds of energy saving equipment, systems and repair services at Acccording to Wood, the marketplace features an in-house and third party advanced search engine for manufacturers, MRO personnel, facility engineers and other industrial buyers in need of generators, transformers and power supplies. IndustrialCOOP initially operated the site in partnership with IndustrialSAVER, the manufacturing marketplace to promote a wide range of indicators, gages, monitors, digital flow meters, batteries, flow transmitters, direct reading flow switches and allied products. Wood said the marketplace has since migrated to include power supply systems and high current power supplies for commercial and industrial applications offered from ILG approved national and international manufacturers and distributors.

“Saving energy is no longer an option but essential for any responsible company, organization, institution or community that cares about the environment and understands the importance of being energy efficient not only to lower the costs of utilities, but more importantly to support economic, social and environmental recovery on a global scale,” said Wood. He concluded, “IndustrialCOOP recently added new lines of power supply systems and equipment to its directory in effort to bring users a broader range of energy savings solutions such as connectors, receptacles, lithium polymer & lithium ion battery charger, circuit breakers, electrical supplies, AC & DC outputs, AC, DC & surge protected power supplies, cable knock-outs, choke coils, fuses, transformer shelf & load center as well as various types of generators such as gas, natural gas, diesel and LPG.”

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IndustrialCOOP is an extensive co-op search engine and stand alone industrial directory with offerings from national and international distributors, manufacturers and other suppliers of industrial goods and services. The site is utilized by global manufacturing and engineering professionals looking for various kinds of industrial supplies, equipment, materials, tools and machinery from suppliers in over 54 countries at

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