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Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff Olive and Brown Face Disks for All Ages and Skin Tones

New York, NY, March 20, 2007 --( When Lauren Hutton returned to modeling at age 46, she quickly learned that typical makeup formulas did not work for mature skin. So Lauren set out to create Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff, a line that features specially formulated cosmetics that make women look great and feel great, no matter how old. The core of her age-friendly line is the Face Disc, which contains all you need to create a natural looking, yet radiant face.

While Lauren was doing her research to create the perfect formulas found in her Face Disc, she also realized that different skin tones need special attention too. For Lauren, her line would not be a true success if everyone couldn’t use her makeup. Lauren knows makeup but she knew she didn’t have the expertise of dealing with issues of different ethnicities. So she enlisted the help of an expert and friend, makeup artist Roberto Morelli, to create the Olive (for Latino and light skinned African American skin tones) and Brown (for African American skin tones) shades of the signature Face Disc.

Roberto Morelli is a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked on many recognizable faces including Naomi Campbell, Beverly Johnson, Vanessa Williams, Eve, and Jessica Alba, so he was the perfect expert to help Lauren choose and test darker toned shades for her line. “I’ve worked on many celebrities and models with darker skin tones so I know what works and what doesn’t,” Roberto explains. “Highly pigmented makeup comes out way too heavy on darker skin tones. Instead of lightening dark shadows, they create them.” When Lauren and Roberto would come across a decent formula, Roberto would then take it to his next photo shoot and try it out. That way he knew what worked and what didn’t, and what ended up in the Discs were shades that blended effortlessly and beautifully with darker skin tones. “Now, there is finally a line that is geared specifically to ethnic skin tones for women over 35 that works.”

Darker skin tones need sheer, light makeup that works to lighten imperfections, not darken them and draw attention to them. The Sheer Concealers (the orange-coded pot) in Lauren’s Olive and Brown Face Discs melt right into the skin tone and instantly erases dark shadows. They are orange-toned which might look like it won’t do the job, but since they are sheer, the orange tint simply counteracts bluish undertones, which are usually prevalent under eyes and around the nose area. The Spot Concealers (the red-coded pots) in the disc are more opaque, but they are perfect to cover up small imperfections, like blemishes, age spots and small scars. Each disc contains 4 varying shades of the Spot Concealer that you can blend together to match your skin tone perfectly.

One of Lauren’s oldest friends, Nuana Davis, is African American and she never even wore makeup until Lauren gave her a Brown Disc. “For years, Lauren tried to put makeup on me and I never let her. I always felt that normal makeup always made my skin look worse, instead of looking better,” Says Nuana. “But when Lauren developed her own line, she sent me a Brown Face Disc so I decided to give it a try.” Nuana was so surprised to see that Lauren’s makeup actually made her skin look healthy and natural, not just like there was a cake of makeup over it. “It seemed to marry to my skin tone and create a beautiful finish. I still felt like myself, just better.”

Lauren had a mission to cater not only to women of all ages, but to all skin tones as well and, with Roberto’s help, she did it with her Olive and Brown Face Discs. Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff is cruelty-free, never tested on animals, online at and in the Soft Surroundings catalog.

*If you would like to schedule an interview about special needs for ethnic skin tones with Makeup Artist Roberto Morelli, please contact Lauren Donner at Tractenberg & Co, 212-929-7979. 

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