Lauren Hutton

Cosmetic companies do not create makeup for women who have laughed as much as we've laughed, cried as much as we've cried or seen as much as we've seen. The more we experience life the more our face shows our life's experiences but cosmetic companies do not address our evolution.

Most makeup available today is formulated for younger women. The textures are heavy, the colors saturated and they're filled with shiny particles that act like airport runway lights in every line, wrinkle or pore, saying "Look over here!"

When I returned to modeling at 46, I began researching, experimenting, and even mixing and blending my own products to create lightweight, sheer, shimmer-free formulas that enhanced my features instead of masking them. Plus, all of my makeup products are cruelty free–they are never tested on animals.

I also believe the right products are only half the equation; application technique and the right tools are just as important. Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff addresses all these elements and features a complete line of professional beauty products including lipstick, facial moisturizer, makeup brushes and more.

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