The Worlds Biggest Buying Club: New Global Buying Site Redefines Online Retailing and Social Media with Global Launch

This week, The Worlds Biggest Buying Club debuted on the international scene with simultaneous launches in Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. Its mission is to re-define how consumers worldwide shop, save and enjoy online -- all on a single buying site with thousands of top stores.

Newark, DE, June 21, 2011 --( Re-defining the concept of online retailing and social media, a new global buying site has debuted on the international scene this week with simultaneous launches in Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. Aptly named The Worlds Biggest Buying Club, industry observers view the new entity (referred to as “The Club”), as strategically well positioned to powerfully fuse two seismic shifts in the way people shop and interact - online purchasing and social media.

The goal of the fast-growing organization ( is to simplify and consolidate daily online purchasing activity for consumers worldwide by bringing thousands of top brand name stores onto a single, global site and leverage its relationship with these entities to present special offers, sales and discounts to a dynamic, rapidly expanding international customer base.

The Club is always open to the general public worldwide and anyone is welcome to shop at The Worlds Biggest Buying Club. Individuals can visit and shop as a customer, registered guest or as a Member -- all at no charge. Membership, for which the point of entry is a modest annual fee of $29.95 per annum and a $20 purchase at The Club Store, includes a compelling array of benefits, including a “slice of the pie” – a share in The Club’s global advertising revenues paid quarterly, much like a “dividend” – weekly rewards, matching bonuses, charitable donation matching and advance notifications of special deals and exclusive offers.

One World. One Club.™
For more than 20 years, The Club's senior team has been a leading provider of top products and services to satisfied customers around the globe. In this process, the new entity’s mission is to bring together like-minded, geographically diverse individuals into a single, worldwide buying organization that proudly reflects sound ethical values and in turn enables people from all walks of life to benefit from the opportunity to shop, save and enjoy.

The Worlds Biggest Buying Club
Paul Feldman