Online Voiceover Marketplace Shifts Talents Preferences

Voice over professionals are moving to online marketplaces as an alternative to voice over agents.

New York, NY, March 21, 2007 --(PR.com)-- It is very common that professional voice over actors rely on voice over agents as a way to get promoted and find voiceover work. Many voice artists find some barriers when trying to get an agent due to requirements and characteristics agents look for in voice talents.

In the search of alternatives to reach clients, professional voiceover actor find in Voice123 (http://voice123.com) a secure and effective way to find voice over jobs. In summary, Voice123 is an Internet voice over talent marketplace where voice over talents promote their voice services and voice talent seekers find the best voices for any type of voiceover project.

What is interesting is the mixture of additional benefits that voice talents get when using a service like Voice123 and that voice over agents can't offer, such as the ability to manage their own careers, advertise their voice services at a worldwide level, select the jobs to audition, communicate directly with clients, network with thousands of other voice over professionals, get access to online trainings and seminars, among other benefits.

Voice123 allows a subscribed voice talent to own a webpage with a unique Internet address where the talent can post his or her resume, experience, skills, and location, as well as upload voice over demos for visitors to hear online. Voice talent seeker can browse the voice talent database or post projects online to find the right voice.

This revolutionary online service is easy to use and is accessible to anyone. Regardless of where a voice talent lives, the language he or she speaks, or the types of voice over recordings that can do, Voice123 is a place to be in order to succeed in the voice over business.

About Voice123

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) is an online voice over marketplace based in New York. With the largest online voice over talent database and a vast number of daily voice over project postings, Voice123 helps voice over talents to promote their voice services, and companies to find the best voice over for their projects. With a young, highly qualified, and technology-oriented team, Voice123 is always looking to provide an innovative service and be a world-class technology company.

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