Displays2Go Releases New Illuminated Adjustable Angle Menu Display

Displays2Go has just released a new menu holder. This menu display features LED lighting and a tilting display top for easier viewing.

Bristol, RI, June 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Displays2Go, a wholesale company specializing in display needs for digital images, has just released a new lit display featuring an adjustable angle surface. This display is marketed towards restaurants and cafes, or anywhere else a well lit sign is needed.

“This new menu holder is lit to make it more noticeable and really stand out,” explains Sandra Reno, products manager at Displays2go. “This lit display is meant to be used outside of restaurants and cafes, so that people walking by at night can still read the menu. The warm bright light also creates a visual interest and draws people in.”

This stand is designed with several special features. It uses a magnetized front piece to secure the menus in place and is lit using low temperature LED bulbs to drastically reduce fire hazards. It is also included with an extra long power cord for large indoor areas, or so it can be used outside without having to be directly near a power source. However, the most innovative part about this new display is the adjustable mount. The surface holding the menu is able to tilt, allowing the display to be adjusted to the easiest reading and viewing position.

“This display is completely adjustable. Not only can it be tilted to varying degrees, the display can rotate to accommodate both portrait and landscape styled menus, allowing for versatility. This menu holder is also equipped with a light dispersion pattern that ensures posters are illuminated evenly, and do not have any shadows or ‘hot & cold’ spots.”

Genevieve Athearn-Hess