Unicoi Systems Unveils New VoIP Hardware Module: InstaVoIP Module Brings VoIP to the Masses

Atlanta, GA, June 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Unicoi Systems, Inc. (Unicoi), a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions to the embedded device market, announces the arrival of InstaVoIP™ Module, the latest addition to Unicoi’s InstaVoIP product line. InstaVoIP Module is a standalone hardware module ready to be embedded into an existing hardware platform or used as the foundation of a new product.

Based on a powerful Analog Devices’ Blackfin® processor, InstaVoIP Module includes an Ethernet connection, 4 MB of Flash, 16MB of SDRAM, and a 96 KHz capable stereo audio codec. InstaVoIP Module is based on Unicoi’s industry-leading embedded software including the Fusion RTOS, TCP/IP stack, Voice Engine, SIP stack, and VoIP Call Manager. Out-of-the-box, InstaVoIP Module is immediately capable of creating 5-way conference calls using the G.729 codec and still has enough free processing power to run user applications.

Greg Coonley, CEO and founder of Unicoi Systems, said, “Since InstaVoIP Module requires no upfront licensing fee, Unicoi has virtually eliminated the barrier of entry for creating VoIP-enabled products. Embedded developers can now add cost-effective VoIP functionality to their product offerings without having to become VoIP experts.”

The software for InstaVoIP Module is available in two varieties: a combination object code and ANSI C source code release, or a full ANSI C source code release. Sample applications using InstaVoIP Module include VoIP Phones, PSTN Gateways, Intercom Systems, Paging Devices, Emergency Phones, Radio over IP (RoIP) Gateways, and more.

About Unicoi

Unicoi Systems is a leading provider of VoIP and multimedia software and reference designs to embedded device developers and OEMs worldwide. More than 500 companies rely on Unicoi to power their solutions, including leading technology companies Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Sharp, Raytheon, Cisco Systems, and Sony. For more information, visit www.unicoi.com, email sales@unicoi.com, or call +1 (678) 208-2250.

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