West Hartford Based Oasis for Wellness Uses Stress Reduction, Exercise, and the Latest Research to Help Physicians Improve Their Patient's Health and Wellbeing

The Oasis for Wellness is currently the only evidenced based structured group exercise class working exclusively with physicians (and requiring a physician referral for admittance), in the Hartford CT region.

West Hartford, CT, March 21, 2007 --(PR.com)-- West Hartford based Oasis for Wellness uses stress reduction, exercise, and the latest research to help Physicians improve their patient's health and wellbeing.

The process begins with a referral from doctors from a variety of medical specialties. Patients whose doctors determine that a structured exercise program would be beneficial are candidates. Particularly, patients who are diagnosed with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, hypothyroidism, anxiety, panic attacks, musculoskeletal issues, TMJ, carpel tunnel, pain, depression/ dysthymia, and stress related symptoms generally demonstrate beneficial outcomes. In addition, Oasis for Wellness helps as an aftercare program for patients who have been prescribed physical therapy and who either completed it or were discharged due to insurance issues. The Oasis for Wellness is a low cost, effective, and proven complement to medical care with the benefits of helping patients reduce stress and achieve greater levels of overall health and wellbeing.

The Oasis for Wellness is currently the only evidenced based structured group exercise class working exclusively with physicians (and requiring a physician referral for admittance), in the Hartford CT region. The program was founded by Jim Hughes MA LPC, current faculty of the UCONN Medical School, and former faculty of the UMASS Stress Reduction Clinic featured on the Bill Moyer's PBS special Healing and the Mind. He has been helping physicians treat their patients over 10 years. The Oasis for Wellness recently moved from their West Hartford Center location to a bigger better space at 262 Park Road, West Hartford CT.

Patients can expect the following process and method:

Initial consultation
· a patient consultation is scheduled upon doctor referral
· the initial consultation is not charged
· background information and medical symptoms checklist are completed
· consent forms are signed
· base line heart rate and blood pressure are recorded
· a brief gentle 5 minute introductory exercise process is conducted, heart rate is recorded and length of time back to resting heart rate is documented
· a specialized plan is developed addressing the clients specific needs
· benefits of the program are discussed in a motivational interview process
· the patient either accepts or rejects the program exercise protocol and their proposed individualized plan
· the referring physician is informed of the outcome via email

Exercise Class Process
· each participant is welcomed to the class
· clients are given a daily journal to track their intentions, thoughts and feelings regarding significant daily events, daily diet, and their homework assignments
· class starts with group check-in and sharing from journal
· mindfulness based stress reduction segment is conducted
· resting heart rate is documented
· dynamic warm up is conducted
· core stability training is conducted
· cardio training is conducted
· heart rate is monitored and return to resting heart rate is documented
· individual specialty exercises are conducted
· cool down period and mindfulness based stress reduction
· class ends as it began, in a circle; participants check in and a short educational discussion is held on topics such as low fat/proper fat balanced diet with specific recommendations and menu samples, stress reduction, and exercise at home.

Post Class
· a note is placed in the client file
· periodic reports are delivered to the referring physician via email.
· Clients are regularly reassessed and their specific programs are adjusted to meet their individual needs

Director Jim Hughes reports, “this is a powerful process that can help doctors improve the health and wellbeing of their patients, but it is not for everyone... we are going to ask people to really take a good look at what they are doing and to work harder and smarter... and to slow down, and put themselves and their wellbeing first. Amazing results are waiting for those who are ready, we find that the key to success is structure and support plus evidence based research.”

For more information or to refer a patient, please contact Paul Bratslavsky, Program Coordinator at 860 233 6546.

Judy Mulkern