HubShout Adds New Scoring System to Reinforce Accountability of Pay-Per-Click Advertising Service

PPC campaign scores are based on measure of objectives vs. results

Falls Church, VA, June 24, 2011 --( HubShout, LLC, a national search engine marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization offers a full-service SEO reseller program that includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services. This month, HubShout released a new search engine marketing technology dashboard that provides 24/7 data so that HubShout analysts, SEO resellers and clients can monitor the progress of their SEO, PPC and social media campaigns. HubShout’s dashboard provides SEO resellers with the advantage of transparent and accountable reporting tools for SEO outsourcing.

HubShout, a Google Adwords Certified Partner, currently manages over 5 million dollars per year in pay-per-click advertising on Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and other PPC platforms. In order to efficiently manage budgets and goals for hundreds of complex PPC campaigns, HubShout devised a formula that assigns a daily score to each PPC campaign. Whether the campaign is large or small, HubShout applies the PPC scoring system to ensure that all campaigns meet their goals and stay on budget. Chad Hill, CEO and co-founder of HubShout explains: “We are committed to being a high performance organization. Our PPC scoring system allows us to measure and reward our analysts for achieving our client’s goals. Our approach mixes the best of technology and analyst intervention to deliver superior results.”

A number of variables are factored in to the PPC scoring system. In addition to an established budget, HubShout strongly believes that each campaign must have a goal such as leads, phone calls, orders, sign ups or at the very least, clicks. Once the objectives are established, data is entered into the PPC scoring database and the campaign score is generated and reported to the PPC analyst each day.

HubShout PPC analysts are responsible for maintaining a satisfactory score. To that end, PPC analysts perform a number of tasks including ad testing, keyword research, keyword bid adjustments and other fine-tuning to optimize the campaign. Each task is entered into the HubShout dashboard and results are noted within the task module. SEO resellers and their clients can view tasks and results on the reseller’s white label SEO dashboard.

HubShout educates SEO resellers and direct clients on the importance of having PPC goals so that the ROI can be measured. To ensure confidentiality, resellers maintain direct contact with their customers to determine budgets and goals. HubShout provides ongoing guidance and support to the reseller throughout this phase. For SEO outsourcing purposes, HubShout provides a private label dashboard to each member of its SEO reseller program. HubShout builds and manages the goals-oriented campaign and all data is reported on the reseller’s white label SEO dashboard.

The PPC score is a quick and easy way for PPC analysts to efficiently monitor their campaigns. HubShout’s PPC scoring system prevents a campaign from spiraling out of control, which typically happens when there is no system in place to alert the PPC manager of potential problems. HubShout’s PPC scoring system is essentially a safety net for PPC campaigns.

The HubShout team attends a weekly meeting at which PPC campaign scores are more thoroughly evaluated. Analysts are called upon to report on actions taken and tasks planned for the upcoming week. The team meeting adds another tier of accountability to the PPC program. HubShout is committed to ensuring that PPC goals are met and campaigns stay on budget.

Later this month, HubShout plans to offer a webinar on the topic of PPC advertising. HubShout’s SEO resellers will get tips on how to sell PPC and learn how to develop a budget and appropriate goals for a PPC campaign. Training webinars, produced twice monthly for HubShout SEO resellers, are also open to anyone interested in SEO outsourcing. For more information, please contact Hubshout directly.

About HubShout:
HubShout, LLC, is a search engine marketing firm with white label SEO and PPC capabilities that provides comprehensive, transparent and accountable SEO and PPC reporting. Technology based software and services are the core of HubShout’s success. Dr. Adam Stetzer, president, and Chad Hill, CEO, co-founded Hubshout in 2008

Ellen Gipko