Millennial Net Inc. Receives Best Application of Wireless Sensor Networks Award

Chelmsford, MA, June 24, 2011 --( During this week’s wireless sensor networks and RTLS conference in Munich, Germany, IDTechEx Media Group awarded Millennial Net the Best Application of WSN Award for its MeshScape® Wireless Energy Management Solution.

The awards honored the most exciting new products and technology developments for WSN, RFID and Energy Harvesting on display at the WSN & RTLS Summit Europe 2011 conference in Munich.

Millennial Net received its award for the best implementation of WSN technology. Judges reviewed the return on investment and value for a user that implemented the system, and how the user overcame hurdles in implementing the technology.

“Wireless sensor networks are the enabling technology for key applications in defense, health care, home and industrial automation and energy management. Technology leaders have recognized this fact and are providing high end application solutions for their customers based on advanced WSN technology. The Millennial Net Energy Management System which includes LEM energy sub meters, wireless pneumatic thermostats and numerous other devices allow for monitoring and control of commercial, public and light industrial buildings of several hundred thousand square feet with unprecedented scalability and reliability, leading to substantial energy savings and ROIs of around 1 year,” said Dieter Schill, President and CEO of Millennial Net.

Millennial Net Wireless Energy Management Solution consists of wireless devices that provide remote monitoring and control of buildings’ heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (“HVAC”) systems, lighting and other energy consuming equipment, allowing building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption and manage peak demands. The solution is ideal for retrofitting any building without centralized controls, as wireless networking avoids the time, costs and disruption of a hard-wired installation.

Wireless devices form the wireless mesh sensor network autonomously as they discover one another and establish bi-directional communication paths through single- and multi-hop routes, requiring no administrative overhead or IT management. The intelligent devices (e.g. wireless thermostats, sensors, and actuators) communicate with a central gateway at each building/site. This gateway connects the networked devices to existing Building Management System via BACnet or communicates with hosted internet-based application for monitoring and control. The devices are designed to work with legacy HVAC systems, fixtures, and appliances, making it unnecessary to upgrade HVAC equipment to save energy. Energy savings are achieved by improved compliance and energy policy enforcement.

Millennial Net’s Wireless Energy Management Solution has already been deployed in numerous commercial, industrial and public buildings including banks, manufacturing facilities, colleges, utilities, churches, parking structures, office buildings and others. While energy prices and energy consumption profiles vary across regions and buildings, Millennial Net’s Wireless Energy Management System can typically achieve savings of 10-50%. For example, GE Capital uses Millennial Net technology to retrofit multiple commercial buildings achieving savings up to 50%.

Come see Millennial Net at the WSN & RTLS USA Summit 2011 in Boston, MA, November 15-16, 2011.

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About Millennial Net

Millennial Net, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless energy management solutions designed primarily for commercial, public and industrial buildings. The company’s MeshScape Energy Management System consists of a wireless sensor network combined with internet technologies to provide remote monitoring and control of buildings’ heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (“HVAC”) systems, lighting and other energy-consuming devices, allowing building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption. The company’s core MeshScape technology is the only wireless sensor networking solution available today that supports the unique requirements of both large and small buildings and overcomes critical challenges traditionally associated with wireless sensor networks. Millennial Net is a leading worldwide provider of commercial and industrial wireless networking systems and products for the energy management and automation markets that enable users, OEMs and systems integrators to quickly and cost-effectively implement wireless monitoring and control applications. Millennial Net is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA.

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