Cold Calling Concierge Welcomes Decreasing Business as a Success

Clients Freezing Their Accounts And for Good Reason…

Salisbury, MD, June 24, 2011 --( Cold Calling Concierge has been experiencing clients requesting to put a “freeze” on their accounts; not due to budget, or dissatisfaction, but because their group sales have sky rocketed.

Within the last month clients of the lead generation company have asked to withdrawal from services, at least for now. Some hotels have experienced such an increase in revenue from the company’s cold calling efforts that their meeting space has been filled to capacity, for at least the next quarter. Clientele have agreed to resume service, once the need arises again.

“It’s a great feeling to know that properties are putting their service on hold because we have exceeded their expectations.” stated Heather Yesko, Founder of Cold Calling Concierge. “We know that they are happy with what we have provided and that they will use our service time and time again.”

The company attributes their success to being proactive, extreme focus on their goal of making contact and the fact that their service is only a fraction of the cost is takes to find, hire and train a new sales manager. “According to, the average salary of a hotel sales manager in the US is $78,649. That isn’t counting the time and effort it takes to recruit and once hired, the numerous benefits also provided. With our service 90% of the work is already done. Let us know what type of business you are after and we will take it from there,” Yesko stated.

The decrease in business is surprisingly welcomed. Going above and beyond is common practice for the company and a client putting their service on hold because their ROI is more than expected, Cold Calling Concierge will gladly take any day.

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