PublishAmerica Presents Mrs. Reatha Hassan O.B.E. by Jessica Temple

Frederick, MD, March 22, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present Mrs. Reatha Hassan O.B.E. by Beds, United Kingdom author Jessica Temple. This book is a breath-taking account of trauma caused by conflict in Northern Ireland over the past thirty-five years. Jessica Temple puts it all in verse with a sensitive nature that takes the reader on a path where other writers have not been. She explores fears while acknowledging the endurance of the victims and informing the reader about great volunteers like Mrs. Hassan O.B.E. who helped to pick up the pieces. Mrs. Reatha Hassan O.B.E. makes impressive reading by explaining how victims, when faced with abuse, neglect, and great cruelty, are able to scrape a small amount of dignity by asking for support from a counselor.

Jessica Temple is a retired great-grandmother residing in the United Kingdom. She qualified in medicine and law before traveling to the Middle East to visit places where Jesus Christ would have walked and to learn more about the tools he would have used with his carpenter father Joseph. She worked as a founder volunteer at a local Day Centre where all sorts of disease were treated. Cardiac problems were referred immediately to paramedics for transport to local hospitals, while infections, burns, infestations, and other serious diseases were dealt with at the Centre.

Jessica Temple has been published in many anthologies and community journals, winning many awards for her poetry including an invitation to visit the White House some years ago.

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