Where Are You Going in Life? Jentezen Franklin's New Book Has Some Suggestions

Do you know what you are doing with your life? Where you are going? Who you are taking with you? Every person on the face of the earth is required to make life-changing decisions that will ultimately affect their life and the lives of others. What if there were a compass that would point you in the right direction?

Pittsburgh, PA, March 22, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In his new book Right People, Right Place, Right Plan (June 2007), Jentezen Franklin, Whitaker House author and senior pastor of Free Chapel Worship Center in Gainesville, Georgia, leads readers into an understanding of the powerful role that discernment can play in making those tough decisions.

“There are so many voices in the world. There is the voice of God, the voice of the devil, the voice of people, and your own inner voice,” says Franklin. Hearing God’s voice in the midst of confusion is the difference between going down the road that leads to nowhere and the road that leads to success. It’s the difference between associating yourself with people who want to help you achieve your goals and people who want to get in the way of your dreams. Hearing God’s voice is the difference between pursuing a dream three years too early and pursuing a dream when God’s timing has allowed every necessary resource to be made available exactly when you need it.

Paula White, co-founder of Without Walls International Church, says of the book, Right People, Right Place, Right Plan is a powerful new revelatory work! Pastor Jentezen Franklin has tapped into the God-given, Spirit-driven wisdom that is able to protect, guide, and mold believers into God’s greatest vessels in their homes, businesses, and ministries. This is a must-read for men or women seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their powers as a child of God!

When questions arise, such as “What will I do with my life?”, “Do I take this job?”, and “Whom should I marry?”, Right People, Right Place, Right Plan will point you towards God’s perfect plan for your life.

Having written a number of books, Jentezen Franklin has sold over 100,000 units in just the past six months through his ministry. Right People, Right Place, Right Plan is the first title to be released into the retail marketplace through Whitaker House Publishing.

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