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Richard Nacht & Paul Chaney, well-known for making blogs accessible, start a new venture to help organizations leverage Web 2.0 tools effectively

Princeton Junction, NJ, March 22, 2007 --( Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney, founder and VP of Marketing for Blogging Systems respectively, are collaborating in a new way to help organizations learn how to engage and benefit from the consumer-driven Internet.

“Organizations who do not realize the potential of Internet Marketing and leverage Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, social networks and podcasts are dramatically reducing the impact they can have on their target market,” said Richard Nacht.

In a recent study of online users,
 --100% use email
 --88% use text messaging and SMS
 --71% use message boards and forums
 --63% use blogs
 --36% use podcasting
 --28% subscribe to RSS feeds

“The Internet has given consumers a platform from which to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about companies, products and brands,” said Paul Chaney.  “Increasingly, the consumer is in control.  People are talking. Other people are listening.  We teach companies how to listen as well and use the feedback to adapt the current marketing strategy.”

Nacht and Chaney will teach organizations how to acknowledge the new way of communicating with prospects, which includes:
 --Learning how to speak the consumer’s language
 --Exploiting market niches using blogs, social networks and RSS
 --Improving targeting, achieve relevance and minimizing waste in advertising
 --Establishing the cornerstones of marketing as authenticity and transparency

Nacht and Chaney’s social media consulting approach demands that organizations begin by listening to what consumers are saying, respond to what has been said, reach out via communications and engage with consumers leveraging Web 2.0 tools.

“The Internet has evolved into small communities with increasing interaction and authority,” said Nacht.  “It’s no longer a company to consumer driven world, in fact it’s the exact opposite.  Consumers have control and companies need to listen.”

About Richard Nacht
Richard Nacht is the founder and CEO of Blogging Systems. Richard has over twenty years in the real estate, finance and technology development industries. Richard has focused his talents on creating e-commerce strategies aimed at producing technologies that benefit the consumer and businesses.

Richard founded one of the first online lending platforms in the late 1990s and took the operation from its original online birth to successful acquisition by a national lender in 2003. Richard then leveraged his online consumer and business to business marketing experience by founding Blogging Systems.

Richard has led Blogging Systems as the leader in the rapidly growing area of corporate blogging by delivering a blogging platform that produces a low-cost, high results tool for effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales, and customer relations.

About Paul Chaney
Paul Chaney is the Vice President of Marketing for Blogging Systems. Paul has been a business blog consultant for the past three years and is widely known and respected in that field. He understands at a granular level how blogs can be used as a tool for marketing communications and has worked with a number of clients assisting them in deploying a blog marketing strategy.

With more than seven years of online marketing experience, Paul has become a leading proponent of using blogs as business marketing and communications tools.

Paul has served as Technical Editor on a number of For Dummies series books related to blogs and Internet marketing, and was contributing writer on Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, published by Wiley.

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