BedBug Chasers Announces Nationwide Rental Program Using Avtron Bed Bug Heaters

BedBug Chasers and Avtron LoadBank start their nationwide rental program of bedbug heaters starting with the NC to Boston corridor with complete trailer packages containing all of the equipment needed to remediate infested areas.

Orlando, FL, July 01, 2011 --( BedBug Chasers and Avtron LoadBank have commenced their nationwide rental program of bedbug heaters starting with the NC to Boston corridor. The program utilizes equipment rental companies who, in turn, assemble complete trailer packages, which contain all of the equipment needed to remediate an infested area. While the packages are available to rent exclusively through Bedbug Chasers, the complete trailers will be stored at strategic rental company depots throughout the United States.

Avtron LoadBank will be supplying its patent pending, 100 percent Green and Chemical-Free, high-temperature electric thermal remediation heaters known as the BedBug Chaser. The participating rental companies will provide trailerized diesel rental power and accessories exclusively through BedBug Chasers. These systems will not be available to the general public and all rentals will be managed through BedBug Chasers.

This program allows BedBug Chasers to become the only nationwide renter and seller of bedbug thermal remediation equipment. Frank Como, president of BedBug Chasers explained, “We aligned ourselves with major players in their respective fields to facilitate our national rollout plans and achieve our goal of making thermal remediation an affordable solution to anyone who is suffering from bedbugs. The agreement gives pest control operators the ability to service with scalability both hospitality and retail chains on a national level which is not being done today.”

Martin Schuette of Avtron LoadBank explained, “We’ve engineered the BedBug Chaser from the ground up. We do all the stamping, powder coating and assembly right here in Cleveland, OH in our own factories. In addition to excellent performance, the BedBug Chaser was designed to give operators the best overall ROI in the industry. The faster you bring a space to critical temperature, the faster the treatment can be completed. This means that an operator can now complete more jobs in less time, and put more money in their pocket. Combine a better bottom line for the operator with a cost per kW/CFM that is the lowest in the market and you have the key to success!”

Studies have shown bedbugs are building an ever growing tolerance to many of the chemicals used to fight them and heat is the only effective way to kill all the bedbugs plus their larva and eggs, which may be deep inside a wall or ceiling. Research also demonstrates that consumers may have to endure multiple chemical treatments and still may not be bedbug free. However, when done properly, a single heat treatment will kill all bedbugs and allow the customer to re-occupy their home within minutes of completion.

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BedBug Chasers® is a nationwide thermal remediation company providing a 100 percent green and chemical-free alternative to eliminating bedbugs and other insects in commercial, residential and industrial environments. Using its proprietary, state of the art heat technology, BedBug Chasers is capable of facilitating fast, effective and inexpensive thermal remediation services throughout the United States. For more information, visit

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