LDSTunesNow Features Entire Inspirational Music Showcase Catalog

The Inspirational Music Showcase LDS music catalog is now available for purchase at for $0.99/song or $9.99/album.

Eagle Mountain, UT, March 22, 2007 --( LDSTunesNow, the MP3 music download sister-site of, is pleased to announce that the entire Sounds of Zion/Inspirational Music Showcase music catalog is now available for purchase.

"It's been a privilege working with Sounds of Zion's Inspirational Music Showcase," said Jade Hansen, co-founder of "With their vast array of distribution of music from popular artists like Janice Kapp Perry to Jessie Clark Funk, it's a great opportunity to provide our customers this [music] for instant download."

The Inspirational Music Showcase was started in the late 90's with the following mission statement from President Hinckley, "We recognize the universal power of music to touch the hearts of men and women everywhere and in all generations--to inspire and encourage, to sustain and lift, to comfort and bring peace."

Artists from the IMS catalog include: Michael Dowdle, Jessie Clark Funk, Greg Hansen, Dave Tinney, Tammy Simister Robinson, Rebecca Lopez, One Clear Voice, Todd McCabe, and more.

Pricing for songs begin at $0.99, and albums can be found for $9.99. Customers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and Japan are able to conveniently change pricing to their specific currency, allowing for an easier purchase process for those outside the United States.

Sheet music from the Inspirational Music Showcase is also included at

Launched in January 2007, has been able to provide LDS consumers with an easy three step process to find and download their favorite LDS music. The site features the same technology used to begin its sister-site,, and helps consumers everyday download music for less than $1.

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Greg Hansen