Taxpayers Get Easy-to-Follow Guide to Simple Tax Filing

“Everything You Need to Know about Filing Your Taxes” provides helpful how-to information on federal tax filing.

Columbia, MD, March 22, 2007 --( FSI Tax, Corp this week released an article on how to file taxes online for free, getting tax filing help, receiving your refund check sooner and other helpful tax tips.

“Everything Your Need to Know about Filing Your Taxes” was released just in time to prepare taxpayers for the filing season. While the article provides a lot of useful information, it also directs readers to additional resources where they can get more answers to their tax-related questions.

FSI Tax Authorized Tax Representative Paulinus Akosa, an enrolled agent and member of the National Society of Accountants, said it is important to arm every taxpayer with this information because filing taxes is often complicated and daunting and many taxpayers do not understand allowable deductions and tax credits, let alone intricate tax laws.

“Tax laws change regularly and new tax scams pop up every year, so even knowledgeable tax professionals, let alone every-day taxpayers, have their jobs cut out for them,” explained Akosa.

The article also introduces taxpayers to the IRS guidelines for choosing a legitimate online tax filing company and provides tips on how to search for free state and federal tax services. It also explains how to get further information from the IRS with a list of direct telephone numbers to various departments and free IRS publications. The article explains easy payment options and informs readers about tax help available at sites around the country with specific services for elderly, low-income taxpayers and military personnel.

“This article is a one-stop shop for tax filing assistance,” said Akosa. “For any question that is not answered directly in the article, the article tells you where to look to find the answer.”

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