Technology Evaluation Finds Quecloud™ Data Integration and Data Management Cloud to be Innovative and Well-Suited to Solve Complex Data Integration Challenges

Report Praises Queplix for Innovative Approach to Connecting, Moving, and Harmonizing Data Across Enterprises with High Degree of Automation and Simplicity. In contrast, "Batch oriented bulk data movement ... best served by the traditional ETL model" offered by companies such as Informatica.

Sunnyvale, CA, June 30, 2011 --( Queplix™ Corp., a leader in data integration and data management, today announced the availability of a report on data integration solutions by IdealNet, a provider of professional business expertise and technical services to some of the world's largest pharmaceutical, medical device, health insurance and financial services companies. The report, An Analysis of Data Integration Technologies, summarizes the findings of an evaluation comparing ETL and open source solutions, and offers recommendations as to which technologies would be most appropriate based on an organization's data integration requirements.

IdealNet has managed numerous data integration software selection projects, including Master Data Management (MDM), on behalf of multiple customers. In order to ensure "current and comprehensive" results for its clients, IdealNet, Inc. expanded the number of possible solutions to be examined during these selection projects, and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of new and different approaches which have emerged that improve on the ubiquitous ETL model.

The report evaluates product offerings across 59 areas within 11 specific categories, which represent the most common and most difficult segments of data integration challenges faced by companies today.

Findings and Recommendations: Queplix the Greatest Surprise of All
The report suggests that data integration and movement between two discrete sources can be well served, perhaps with differing costs and implementation models, by all technologies reviewed. Batch oriented bulk data movement is an area which continues to be best served by the traditional ETL model.

However, the report asserts that once an organization needs to integrate disparate data types (relational, object, on-premise, cloud, nosql) or more than two sources, there are compelling incentives for the use of technology other than ETL, and that "this is where the divergence occurs and where the most telling and interesting results reside."

The following summarizes IdealNet's evaluation between established ETL vendor Informatica®, open source platforms offered by Talend™, Pentaho™, and Apatar™, and "new and different solution vendor" Queplix™.

· Large, Established ETL Vendor: According to IdealNet, Informatica® was selected to represent the ETL segment, as it has long been a standard bearer for ETL and, more recently, has expanded its footprint further into the niche MDM area via its acquisition of Siperian®. "As the gorilla of the bunch, this offering suffers from similar issues as compared to any vendor its age, scope, and size. The firm must continue to support a large user base on varying levels of its technology, while attempting to continue to move its products forward simultaneously. While this situation encapsulates recurring revenue streams via long term customer relationships, it can also easily serve to mute the possibility of significant innovation. Based on our examination, we can see that the Informatica® suite of products continues to lead in core ETL specialty areas, but does, in fact lag behind the others within this study in terms of certain key areas of differentiation."

· New and Different Solution Vendor: The report states that, "Queplix undoubtedly provided the greatest surprise of all" and that "the firm has demonstrated a truly refreshing and innovative approach to connecting, moving, and harmonizing data across enterprises. The high degree of automation and the attendant ease-of-use can potentially offer users significant labor and implementation savings over the use of alternate technologies, perhaps on the order of 50 percent or more. If the integration were to involve 3, 4, 5 or more sources, the savings would potentially be much higher. We were impressed with the fact that the technology base of Queplix has so effectively been structured so as to allow the company to rapidly and effectively expand the scope of what can be done with the product. Even some of the most complex and onerous data tasks are handily placed directly under the control of end users via the product’s 'virtual' architecture coupled with a clean and predictable user interface."

"As a partner of industry-leading life sciences and financial services organizations, IdealNet, Inc. is entrusted with having the best knowledge of available technologies to meet its clients' data integration and data management requirements," said Mark Cashman, CEO, Queplix. " IdealNet is certainly well-positioned to make informed, intelligent purchasing recommendations to its clients to ensure their satisfaction and success. We couldn't be more pleased that it found Queplix to be a solution of choice for companies with more complex data integration challenges looking to spend their project dollars more wisely, and avoid long service engagements, manual processes, and the constant wholesale movement of entire data sets."

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