The Animal Endocrine Clinic Announces the Launch of Its Redesigned Website

Dr. Mark Peterson and the Animal Endocrine Clinic launch the most comprehensive, up-to-date website on the study of endocrinology.

New York, NY, July 01, 2011 --( The Animal Endocrine Clinic (AEC) announced the launch of its totally redesigned website. The website was developed as a resource for individuals and veterinarians to learn more about Dr. Peterson, his specialty veterinary clinic and about endocrine disorders that commonly affect dogs and cats.

Featuring a new logo, the website combines AEC’s three divisions: Hypurrcat, the Endocrine Clinic and Nuclear Imaging for Animals, under one brand. The website also reflects the sentiments of consumers and veterinarians seeking more information about the diagnosis and treatment of endocrinology disorders.

Dr. Mark E. Peterson, owner and founder of the Animal Endocrine Clinic says, “As our practice has grown, and we have received calls and emails from both pet owners and veterinarians, we realized the need for an online resource for those who want to understand more about these common pet afflictions. Our new website does just that.”

Highlights of the redesign include:

Endocrine Resources – A comprehensive look at the study of endocrinology in dogs and cats including an overview of both animals’ endocrine systems, specific endocrine diseases that affect each animal, symptoms to look for and the most comprehensive online glossary of terms available. Also included are descriptions of the practice’s divisions and the cutting edge technology that AEC uses to diagnose and treat these disorders.

Publications -- A world-renowned specialist in feline and canine endocrinology, Dr. Mark E. Peterson was the first veterinarian to document hyperthyroidism in cats as well as the first to treat hyperthyroid cats with radioiodine. A list of his published writings have been archived on the website.

Events -- Dr. Peterson continues to be very involved in organized veterinary medicine and veterinary continuing education events. A schedule of his current and past speaking engagements is maintained on the new site.

Integrated Social Media – The new website includes videos, testimonials and allows users to access all of the AEC social media directly from the AEC website.

“The new design provides a cleaner, user experience while integrating our work at AEC with the expanding social media market,” said Dr. Peterson. “We now have the opportunity to deepen existing relationships by further engaging our audience, while also providing access to timely and quality information which has become more important to pet owners and veterinary colleagues.”

About The Animal Endocrine Clinic:
The Animal Endocrine Clinic (AEC) is a specialized veterinary practice that diagnoses and treats cats and dogs with endocrine (hormonal) disorders. AEC has three divisions: Hypurrcat exclusively treats hyperthyroid cats with radioactive iodine, the Endocrine Clinic is dedicated to diagnosing and treating dogs and cats with endocrine disorders, such as diabetes or Cushing's disease and Nuclear Imaging for Animals is a state-of-the-art medical imaging facility that performs nuclear scanning to diagnose thyroid, bone, liver, and kidney diseases in dogs and cats. AEC has clinics in Manhattan and Westchester County and treats clients in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut. It is the only practice of its kind in the United States. For more information about AEC visit

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