Kaufmann-Rothstein International Releases New Commodity Market Options Pricing System Charts

Most traders of options, particularly on commodity futures contracts are being challenged with numerous options to choose from. However, Commodity Option traders are restricted to purchase only a few contracts unless they have the best trading tools to support their personal trading decisions of their own. Most of the commodity option traders are confronted with the demoralizing duty of filtering through apparently endless resources to finally find the best trade that is best suit for them.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Kaufmann-Rothstein International has brilliantly created a trading solution to counter the option traders’ predicament. With the new trading service offering, traders will no longer have to perform protracted estimations weighing against one option with another option. The new service offering is called innovative commodity option pricing evaluation charts.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s new commodity option pricing evaluation charts will assist and lead traders through thousands of options on futures contracts to find which one would best fit to their trading goals and financial consideration by simply assessing the finest dollar value and charting some strikes of various month of puts and calls that are normally at and out of the money utilizing one simple and uncomplicated chart. This will allow effortless comparison of dissimilar strike costs and time value of the various option months.

The new commodity option pricing evaluation chart will include more than 30 commodity futures markets with more than 80 charts. The chart will help traders by simply reducing the time consumed in trading researches. This can be done by making estimation on a vast amount of data per market and provides trouble-free results which will become easy for traders to incorporate to their trading activities. The chart will also help traders to make smart trading decisions by simply guiding traders to evaluate markets within and allows them to come up with well-informed trading and investment decisions.

For commodity options traders who do not have enough time to do research and calculations vital in finding the right market, the new and innovative commodity market options pricing system charts is definitely designed for you. Kaufmann-Rothstein International, in its efforts to assist their traders, is now concentrating on providing useful resources for traders such as this new commodity option evaluation chart, to ensure investment success.

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Paul Reeves