Bye Old Food Pyramid; Hello USDA - Approved My Plate - Final Touch Finishing School Weighs in With Its Etiquette & Portion Plate Program for Kids of All Ages

Final Touch Finishing School's Etiquette & Portion Plate Program is Perfect Complement to USDA My Plate Guide

Decatur, TX, July 02, 2011 --( Let's hear it for the recently unveiled launch of the new USDA "My Plate," which has received a hearty endorsement from health-conscious First Lady Michelle Obama. If the old adage is holding up, a picture, indeed, is worth a thousand words. "The visual appeal of the new portion-controlled, divided plate as a colorful new logo far surpasses the tired food pyramid of yesteryear," says Deborah King, President and founder of Final Touch Finishing School, whose curriculum for both children and adults includes healthful instruction on Etiquette & Portion Plate.

"Let's face facts," states the tall, willowy blonde who is known internationally as a certified image, etiquette and civility expert. "Obesity is a global crisis, and the most common health problem around the world. Many government and health officials estimate that in the U.S. alone, approximately 66 million--or 64 percent of Americans--are clinically obese. The USDA My Plate Guide and our Etiquette & Portion Plate promote the same urgent message. We emphasize in our program healthy eating habits, as well as good manners, no matter what one's age." King believes that the Etiquette & Portion Plate program is a perfect complement to these new USDA guidelines, as it also provides instruction on proper table manners, showcasing both American and Continental dining styles and proper nutrition with focus on portion size.

The Etiquette & Portion Plate has been invited to be part of the Civility Archive at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Its focus is on table manners and proper nutrition, and is available individually as a book ($6) or plate ($19), or both as a package for $25.

Hailed as the queen of etiquette and civility, Deborah teaches how best to evaluate each social and business circumstance and to respond with appropriate poise and manners based on a variety of cultural considerations. King, a certified image professional with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), founded Final Touch Finishing School in Seattle, WA in 1989, and is a respected authority in the field, having taught students from every age group around the globe. On the Web at

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