"Unexpected Pleasures" and the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Invades Biltmore in Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC's live Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast changes venues to Cinebarre Theater at Biltmore Mall as of July 2011.

Asheville, NC, July 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The shadow cast and crew of “Unexpected Pleasures” is proud to announce the Cinebarre Theater as the newest venue. Asheville’s only “Rocky Horror Picture Show” shadow cast performs at 11pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month, with the exception of October, when they will be performing every Saturday. This move comes after several years performing at the Carolina Cinemas on Hendersonville Road.

“And God said, ‘Let there be Lips.’” This is just one of the first “call back” lines favored by the cast, crew, and audience at live performances of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The bawdy film premiered in 1975 to bad reviews and moral outrage, was labeled as a “B” movie, and yet over the years has turned into one of the most famous cult classic films ever. The loud and offensive call-backs began almost instantly when audience goers started yelling responses to the screen, and this interactive theater has been the primary draw of the Rocky Horror experience for over 36 years.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show” still plays in theaters internationally, and currently has over 75 showings in the United States, many with shadow casts like Unexpected Pleasures. A Shadow Cast performs the show with props and costumes in front of the movie screen while the film is rolling, and encourages the raucous humor and call backs from the often costumed audience. Before each show, prop bags containing rice, toast, and water guns are sold. The cast, crew, and regular attendees teach the Virgins (people who haven’t seen the show) when to yell the appropriate call back lines, the use of props, and how to do the “Time Warp.”

“It is amazing how much fun you can have during Rocky. I have been doing this since 1987, and I have never met a cast I didn’t like,” said a long-time fan. “Now, getting to watch it at the Cinebarre with their outstanding crew, staff, and food & libations will make it more fun!”

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, and join “Unexpected Pleasures” at Cinebarre starting Saturday, July 9th at 11 p.m. Admission is $6.


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Unexpected Pleasures
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