Adeptol Releases Next Version of Document Viewer with Improved Performance & New Interface

Adeptol releases 4.6 version of its document viewing platform adding a host of new features and performance improvements.

Santa Clara, CA, July 02, 2011 --( Adeptol, a leader in document viewing technology, today announced the release of its next version of the document viewing platform. Adeptol Document Viewer is a high speed high fidelity platform allowing users to view more than 300 file formats with no downloads, plug-ins or active x controls.

The new version introduces a range of new innovative features for developers and business users and offers better performance and loading times. It also adds a new tabular user interface that Adeptol engineering had been working on for a while. The new interface offers better integration with the backend, but still allowing it to run within any browser or on any Operating System.

Some of the key new features include support for Microsoft Outlook (msg & eml) file formats, Support for TIFF (JPEG Compression) along with improved rendering engine for Office 2010 and other file formats. The new platform also offers extended API with fidelity improvements and enhanced optimization for document loading.

Enterprise Document Viewer comes with a built in high speed buffering, rendering and conversion technology to load even documents of size 500MB in 2 seconds.

The new version of Enterprise Viewer adds a range of new innovative features that will benefit both ordinary web & business users. For users it gets very frustrating when they have to wait for a document to load in the viewer before having to start reading it. The new enterprise viewer interface uses it’s built in buffering and high speed rendering with self optimization technology to get the pages directly from the server as they are being rendered. What this means is users can start reading page 1 of document immediately, while rest of the pages come at the background. The viewer estimates the network connection speed, size of document, type of document, load on server among a lot of many other factors and self optimizes to load the documents faster. User can view more than 300 document types without the need to download any controls or plugins or active x components on end user side.

The new version of the viewer also offers new opportunities for developers of web applications. Its powerful programming interfaces allow developers to customize the viewer interface extensively according to the use case and project requirements.

"We’ve always kept our customers’ needs and concerns at the forefront of every product decision,” said Prateek Kathpal, CEO of Adeptol. “Adeptol platform was built from grounds up to be embedded with any application and is a result of close cooperation with leading partners and strong relationships with company's customers, who have provided with invaluable feedback," further added Prateek.

The new version of the product would be available for download immediately for the existing customers and also the CloudConnect customers will be able to access it without any changes on their side.

About Adeptol
Adeptol offers the industry's leading document viewing technology which can be embedded in any webpage or application or integrated with any process or system. The company's flagship product, Server Based Document Viewer uses AJAX and Flash technology to create fast rendering of documents on the fly and includes a unique set of capabilities to render, enrich and dynamically deliver content. On top of this platform, customers and partners have built information access and delivery solutions used by various industries, publishers, government agencies and other large enterprises to accelerate the viewing of documents. Adeptol is also the one of the first companies in the world to offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based document viewing solution. For more information, go to

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