Queralt Inc's iQ3 Supports iOS Devices

Queralt Inc. commemorates the fourth anniversary of the iPhone by making iQ3 compatible on iOs devices.

North Haven, CT, July 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Queralt, Inc., a leading developer of value-based RFID and sensor technology applications, joins the celebration of the iPhone’s fourth anniversary by announcing the release of a cloud based management, tracking, and notification application for use on iOS devices. Queralt’s iQ3 brand has expanded to support the accessing of the iQ3 system through the iPhone and iPad’s internet browsers.

This is made possible by the fact that iQ3 requires only a web browser to access its real-time dashboard, analytics and all events and notifications without the need for any third party plugins. Therefore, clients looking to access iQ3 can do so from their iOS devices’ native web application rather than through the downloading of another application, making it free and easy to use.

“With the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets the move to support iOS devices is especially beneficial to our customers,” commented Steven Abbagnaro, CSA. “This gives clients the ability to monitor and track their assets wirelessly as well as receive important notifications and alerts when events of interest take place, essentially taking the power of iQ3 with them on the go,” added Abbagnaro.

Queralt’s iQ3 system technology can actively track and monitor physical assets and people, as well as the environmental conditions in which they operate and work through cloud-based, Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions using RFID and sensor technology. This system, which is already so easy to access and use through a standard web browser, is now literally at the fingertips of any customer using an iOS device user.

About Queralt Inc.

Queralt, founded in 2006, has a growing list of customers that include corporations in the industrial, financial, security, manufacturing and service industries, as well as education and healthcare organizations, and U.S. government agencies like the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and the National Institute of Health.

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