Precision Microdrives Releases World’s Smallest 4mm Vibration Motor for Tablet PC Haptic Feedback

Precision Microdrives is proud to launch its smallest vibration motor yet - the 304-103. This motor is also the worlds smallest 4mm SMT vibration motor with dimensions of just Ø 4mm diameter by 3.5mm tall. The ultra low profile of this motor is ideal for haptic feedback functions in tablet PCs and tablet phones.

London, United Kingdom, July 03, 2011 --( Precision Microdrives has recently made the world’s smallest 4mm vibration motor, based on a SMT reflow design available for general sale. The motor has been used in a number of tablet PC / phone products to provide haptic feedback functions.

Since the launch of Apple's iPad, the tablet form factor has become ubiquitous, and more recent models starting to contain their low-profile reflow SMT vibration motors like 304-103. These vibrator motors are beginning to offer ever more complicated vibration feedback mechanisms as software OS's like Google's Android start to contain hooks for haptic feedback functionality. App designers are using haptic feedback for alerting, gaming and multi-sense interaction with users, whilst the OS itself uses the miniature vibrating motors to make software buttons feel like real tactile buttons.

The 304-103 is a 3V DC surface mount reflow solderable vibration motor. It comes on tape and reel and is designed specifically to be used with a pick and place machine for high speed, high volume feedback solutions like the latest generation of tablet PCs. The motor body including SMD carriage is 4.4mm wide by 3.5mm high. This ultra-low profile is achieved by combining the more traditional C-shape magnetic circuit of larger vibrating motors with miniature moulded neodymium magnets, and makes it ideal for hand-held haptic feedback applications.

Vibrator motors like this are also used frequently for vibration feedback, for example to indicate incoming phone calls, whose purpose is more to alert users of an event rather than replicating the feel of a tactile switches.

Precision’s engineering support team is comprised of experts in the field of applied haptic feedback, particularly for touch interfaces and handheld battery powered products. They are here to help you find the best vibrating motor for your application.

Low-profile vibrating motors are just part of a much wider range of 4mm to 7mm Pico Haptic™ vibration motors, which also come other form factors, such as PCB vibrating motors and coin vibrator motors.

About Precision Microdrives

Precision Microdrives carries the worlds most comprehensive range off-the-shelf range of DC vibration motors over 3 ranges, from 4mm diameter to 60mm diameter. All standard motors are available for same day dispatch, worldwide.

Precision Microdrives also has an experienced customer engineering support team that are here to help designers, engineers and production teams, as they integrate vibration feedback into their designs and products. Precision’s experience and competence in the field really comes into its own when the end-application goes into production, and customers require a consistent supply of high quality and reliable motors. Their QC testing facilities consist of racks of bespoke made vibration testing suites which are used to verify the performance of newly manufactured motors, and perform longevity testing with conditions that match customer usage profiles.

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