Picture Perfect Chocolates Now Offering Free Money for Life for Artists, Photographers, Sculptors, Craft Experts & Poets

Picture Perfect Chocolates, a unique online chocolate company, announced today that it is offering creative artists of all kinds an opportunity to make free money for life with their service. Details of the project can be reviewed at http://kck.st/liszsa.

San Diego, CA, July 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Picture Perfect Chocolates, an online chocolate company specializing in gift designs with edible art and photography on them, announced today that they are offering creative artists an opportunity to make free money with them for life. Creative types that can apply would be artists, photographers, sculptors, craft experts and poets.

"In this economy," said Alex Bowen, one of the co-founders, "almost everyone is struggling to generate an income and pay the bills and our service offers a very powerful way for creative individuals to market and advertise their creations in a unique way, with a food product that almost everyone loves, which is chocolate. We can help a lot of people with our service and we're very excited about our project.

"One of the reasons that our chocolate gifts are so unique from all the others is that we offer artists and photographers an opportunity to put their creations on our food gifts," said Alex. "For example," Alex said "we have licensed some creations from an award winning artist by the name of Brad Bowen who is also one of the co-founders of the company. Mr Bowen will be adding many of his designs to our chocolates in the near future."

Almost any artist, photographer, sculptor, craft expert or poet can apply to Picture Perfect Chocolates for their artist program, also called the contributor program. All applicants sign a simple non-compete form in the beginning and then review the licensing agreement to see if they want to join. If they like what the company is doing, then they submit their artwork via e-mail in digital format and in high quality. "One thing that's critical," states Brad Bowen, "is that all creative individuals must still have all the rights to their creations in order to submit them to the company." All applicants should address their questions to Brad Bowen at PicturePerfectChocolates@gmail.com.

Picture Perfect Chocolates, in order to share their company information with everyone, has started a project on the crowd-funding web site called KickStarter.com. People and companies that want to help the company in their start-up phase can go to KickStarter and choose different supporter packages priced at different levels. In return, Picture Perfect Chocolates offers its supporters many complimentary products and services to say thank-you for the help. Their project can be found at http://kck st/liszsa.

For more information go to http://kck.st/liszsa
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