“Hip-hop Colony,” the African Hip-Hop Explosion Available on DVD

“Kenya is not just about Lions, Giraffes and fast running me it’s also about Studios and Hip-hop” - Tedd Josiah Music Producer. Hip-hop Colony is one of the first films to actively capture the hip-hop revolution in Africa while upgrading the image of the continent.

Oakland, CA, March 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Hip-hop artists are changing the World one colony at a time. Like a moth to a flame, Hip-hop’s grip on the world tightens because it’s not just music it’s a way of life and for that reason…"Kenya is not just about Lions, Giraffes and fast running me it’s also about Studios and Hip-hop" - Tedd Josiah, Music Producer

Emerge Media Films embarks on a mission to upgrade the image of Africa. It’s not just films, but a movement to rejuvenate Africa’s urban image. Hip-hop Colony is their first film to break ground and gather a mainstream distribution deal in North America (US & Canada), through Image Entertainment. The film is being lauded for rallying and opening opportunities for artists featured in the film to score soundtracks for Hollywood films, such as Constant Gardener and Primeval. In addition to that, some of the artists have earned MTV Europe Music Awards Nominations. Jeff Chang’s recently released Total Chaos, a book revered for illuminating the special truth that hip-hop speaks to youth around the globe, featured Hip-hop Colony as one of the main reference sources.

The world may be waiting for Hip-hop’s Next big thing to emerge from the ghettos of Brooklyn, Detroit or LA., but tomorrow’s hip-hop leaders are coming straight out of Dakar, Lagos, Cape Town or Nairobi.

This critically acclaimed and award winning feature documentary film, celebrates how hip-hop, despite being birthed in the States, continents away, is impacting Africa. Hip-hop Colony opens a new and exciting chapter for hip-hop. It focuses on Kenya where it highlights the issues and politics that affect youth culture.

The DVD includes the successful premiere of the film in Kenya, that earned the film its legitimacy as a cultural export and a catalyst in legitimizing the music industry in Kenya.

Hip Hop Colony is both entertaining as it is educational, as a result it has been screened at numerous institutions for higher learning including the prominent Harvard University amongst others. The film features intimate interviews and performances by renown Kenyan Hip-hop artists as Bamboo, Kalamashaka and Necessary Noise, who have all toured internationally amongst others.

The film has accumulated multiple accolades in the film festival circuit including the prestigious Hip Hop Odyssey award held in New York for best documentary feature film.

WIinner - Best Feature Documentary Award at the H20 International Film Festival.
WIinner - Best Urban Documentary Award at the Houston Black film Festival.
WIinner - Best Feature Documentary Award at the Oakland International Film

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