MOTO360 Launches Dash Cam, Android App for Motorsports and Car Enthusiasts

Wilmington, NC, July 07, 2011 --( MOTO360 is pleased to announce the official launch of the Moto360 Dash Cam application. This app gives Android device users the ability to record first-hand videos, with embedded speed readings, and play them back from within the device to share with friends. Dash Cam is the first in a line of motorsports apps that are lined up for development by Barry Lange, founder of Moto360.

The app started out as a way for Barry to record his driving experiences on tracks and show people how fast he was going. Lange adds, “When I’d attend these track days and then later showed friends the video, the first question was always ‘How fast did you go?’ This makes it perfect to share those videos and answer that question that’s always lurking around the next curve.”

According to Lange, there are many apps to come that car lovers will have to add to their app arsenal. And in case you’re wondering how much this cool new app will set you back? Zero. It’s free to download from the Android Marketplace. Just visit or search the Marketplace for Moto360.

Barry Lange