Suretegrity® Expands Surety Bond Offerings - Ohio Applications Now Available

Suretegrity®, a national full service Surety Bond only agency, has expanded its online surety bond offerings into the State of Ohio.

Jacksonville, FL, July 07, 2011 --( Suretegrity® is a national full service surety bond only agency that has been designed from its inception to be technology centric and highly service oriented. Just two weeks ago Suretegrity® expanded its operations into Alabama with over seventy online surety bond applications. They have now expanded into the State of Ohio with over two hundred, completely online, surety bond applications. Approximately one hundred of those applications are for very specific contractor license bonds. By utilizing the Suretegrity® platform consumers gain immediate access, if approved, to the bond they have just applied for. All of the bond documents, including the obligee specific bond form, will generate directly in the browser for the user to print and deliver.

Suretegrity® is the exclusive MGA licensee of the highly regarded e-SURETY™ bond automation and distribution system currently used by over 20 nationally recognized surety carriers and their agents throughout the USA. As a national MGA, Suretegrity® will offer access to this wonderful and well known technology to any licensed insurance agent, in any market, throughout the USA.

The business model is simple. As an MGA, Suretegrity® has appointments with a broad spectrum of select carrier partners and has been granted the underwriting authority to make final bonding decisions. Their primary focus is to be The Agent’s Agent™ - by offering full-service surety bonding to those agents who infrequently deal with bonds. Through Suretegrity®, these agents can utilize our expertise and cost efficient systems (i.e. e-SURETY™) to deliver bonds to their clients. Applying for a bond, paying for a bond, and getting all of the documents necessary for the bond to be properly executed, is accomplished completely online with a few simple clicks of a button by the agent or their customer. Suretegrity® handles all of the details while providing outstanding service to agents and their customers.

Suretegrity® ( offers a new distribution model for surety bonds. Surety bonding can really be this easy, fast and efficient.

Jillian Plamondon
(888) 951-8680 x5917