FG Solutions International Expands Trading Services for Asset-Backed Securities Products in North America

Aside from its previously traded products and services related to commodity futures which have been introduced two years ago, FG Solutions International now expands service offering for asset-backed securities products to investors and traders in North America. The Asset-backed securities product is in addition to the firm’s commodities, futures and options, hedge funds and managed futures services.

Brussels, Belgium, July 07, 2011 --(PR.com)-- FG Solutions International’s new asset-backed securities trading desk will be utilizing proprietary electronic trading platform for real-time online price allocation to its North American clients as an additional trading service to its existing brokerage trading services. The new electronic trading system is expected to appreciably improve the transmission of asset-backed securities prices to the investors, offering them with simplified access to price information which also includes market depth and price records across FG Solutions International complete list of asset-backed securities prices. It will also assist simple incorporation with the traders’ inside pricing spreadsheets and other tools.

“Our new trading service is in accordance with the escalating demands and requests for asset-backed securities and in order to complete this service offering, we utilize the highly sophisticated technology to distribute key price makers in the asset-backed securities. This trading technology which will be used for our asset-backed securities are proven and tested by most investors worldwide,” said Charles Axberg, the firm’s Managing Director for Structured Products Division.

“We are very proud to be the first ever broker to offer asset-backed securities products in this region. And because we want our North American clients to experience real profits from this product, we enhance our existing levels of trading services with accelerated transaction opportunities. We want to help our traders’ increase their trading confidence by providing series of lectures and other educational resources,” added Axberg.

Charles Axberg, FG Solutions International Managing Director said: “Our entire management and brokerage desk is reinforcing our business leadership in North America through our newly formed service offering, the asset-backed securities. With our proprietary trading system designed for ABS products, we are confident that we will be able to offer the primary tool in attracting the price makers and price takers in the markets. Our market confidence and trading initiatives add further reliability to our system’s reputation as commendable and configurable multi-asset class solutions for worldwide OTC markets.”

FG Solutions International
Graham Watts