Laeken International Concentrates on Providing Alternative Investment Solutions with Assistance from Trading Experts

The Laeken International, one of the world’s finest when it comes to providing commodity futures trading services, is now stepping up to another challenging venture in the commodity trading industry- the offering of the now newly enhanced alternative investment solutions through a distinctive and interactive alternative investment platform designed exclusively for high-net worth investors and trading advisors.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 07, 2011 --( With immense trading and investment experience for nearly two decades, Laeken International is now ready to offer qualified investors with apt managed futures programs along with internationally accepted service standards. Committed to provide valuable knowledge and networks of trading advisors, Laeken International will assist traders and investors to explore solutions for alternative investment plans. The Laeken International alternative investment service will be managed by veteran and trading experts,

Laeken International new alternative investment service program will consist of highly qualified and well-experienced members whose knowledge and understanding on alternative investments and commodity futures trading have already been proven and tested. Along with its global subsidiaries, which have been built over the years, Laeken International will provide global clients both public and private managed futures fund products such as multi-manager funds, commodity trading advisors programs, limited partnership programs and fund of funds.

Three well-known trading experts will join the team of alternative investment service division and they are: Graeme Horton, Robert Partin and Michelle Browne. These three will complete the team who are expected to form powerful solutions for the alternative investment service of Laeken International.

Since the formation of Laeken International, it has already developed long-standing business partnerships with international commodity trading advisors, global institutional investors and managed futures funds supervisors in the world of alternative investments. This has been realized through massive market research and due diligence, merged with the immeasurable years of trading experience of the team members.

With the introduction of the alternative investment solution program, Laeken International will assist traders and investors in the process of selecting the most appropriate alternative investment programs based on their capital risk. Investors are also allowed to choose commodity trading advisors who will help them diversify their trading portfolios. Selected Commodity Trading Advisors will be using qualitative and quantitative processes to accomplish the portfolio diversification, during which various factors shall be assessed. Laeken International will also provide direct access to managed futures fund programs and advisors from some of the most well-known personalities in the alternative investment sector.

Whether a veteran alternative investment advisor, experienced trader, high-net worth investor or new to managed futures, distinguishing appropriate solutions for managed futures alternative investment is a challenging role. Laeken International believes that portfolio diversification via alternative investment program is vital in the success of one’s trading portfolio and that commodities investment must be separated from diversified trading portfolios. Visit the firm’s website to learn more about its offering on alternative investment solutions.

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