Famous Artist Turns 90 - Rare Fine Art Investment Opportunity

In an exciting fine art investment opportunity, rare artist’s proofs are now being sold to mark an award-winning artist’s 90th year. Edna Hibel is renowned for her lithographs, and these proofs feature original lithographs transferred to Rosenthal’s finest-quality Bavarian porcelain, using a secret process developed by Hibel. Three Arte Ovales versions were created, the rarest one being 24K Gold. The artist’s proofs being released now are the rarest 24K Gold version.

Singapore, Singapore, March 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A handful of Artist’s Proofs of a rare, sold-out series by an internationally-decorated award-winning artist have just been made available to fine art investors. This is an exciting opportunity to own artwork created by renowned American artist Edna Hibel, who turned 90 years old in January, 2007.

In 2001, Hibel became the first American female artist to receive the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts, a prestigious international award granted only once every three years, capping over 70 years of a career as a versatile artist and top fine art colorist.

Particularly renowned for her stone lithography, Edna Hibel’s art work has sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her commissioned fine art includes paintings for the White House, the UN World Food Program and the Foundations of the US National Archives. Many of her spectacular masterpieces have already been sold. Even many of her fine art collectibles and unique gifts, such as her collectible plates, are sold out.

Cherish Collectibles has managed to acquire several Artist’s Proofs of Edna Hibel’s rarest Arte Ovale creations. These unusually-shaped plates are actually original lithographs transferred to Rosenthal’s finest-quality Bavarian porcelain, using a secret process developed by Hibel. There were three designs in the series, set against three different kinds of backgrounds – white, cobalt blue and, the rarest of all, 24K Gold.

All their Artist’s Proofs feature the rarest 24K Gold version. Only 300 plates in each design were ever made with the 24K Gold background, and all are sold out. Cherish Collectibles holds the Artist’s Proofs for the 24K Gold versions of the Taro-Kun Arte Ovales and the Xin Xin of the High Mountains Arte Ovales. They are selling these fine art investments online on a first-come-first-served basis at http://www.cherishcollectibles.com

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